Winsome Sears Wins In Virginia As Republicans Flip the State

Winsome Sears Wins In Virginia As Republicans Flip the State

CHANTILLY, VA-( Virginia elected the first woman of color to the Lt. Governor position in the Commonwealth. And she is pro-gun and pro-liberty.

Winsome Sears caused a stir earlier in the campaign cycle when she posed for her campaign picture with her personal AR-15. Her opponent, Hala Ayala, and the Democrat party attacked her for the picture, but she leaned into it instead of backing away from her pro-gun stance. She refused to apologize for her no-compromise stance on gun rights.

Sears was born in Kingston, Jamaica, in 1964. When she was six years old, her father chose to emigrate to the United States with $1.75 in his pocket to chase his American dream. He took any odd job he could in the Bronx as he continued with his education with hopes of working his way out of poverty.

Her family instilled a sense of American pride in Sears, so much so that she joined the United States Marine Corp. She served as an electrician and diesel mechanic in the Corp. Her father’s emphasis on education was passed onto Sears. She obtained B.A. in English with a minor in economics from Old Dominion University, and a master’s in organizational leadership from Regent University.

After her service to the country was complete, she felt the need to continue giving back to her adopted country. She ran a homeless shelter where she helped people in their most dire time of need. This service wasn’t enough for Sears, and she wanted to continue to give back to her community and her state.

Lieutenant governor-elect Sears has a history of breaking down walls in elections. She was the first woman of Jamaican origin to win any state seat in Virginia. In 2002, she defeated incumbent Billy Robinson (D) to win the House of Delegate seat for the 90th District.

After she chose not to seek reelection, Sears served on the Virginia Board of Education. She would take a national position when then-President George W. Bush appointed her to the U.S. Veterans Affairs Advisory Committee on Women Veterans. She also served as the national chair of Black Americans to Re-elect the President in 2020.

After years of service, Sears opened a plumbing, electrical, and appliance repair business in Winchester, VA. But she was drawn back into the political world when she felt a calling to run for Lieutenant Governor. Virginia was a blue state, and it would take a herculean effort to win the office, but she was convinced she could turn Virginia red.

But Sears is a marine, and marines improvise. She turned out the vote by standing by her beliefs. That includes the right to bear arms. Instead of walking the line on guns, she let everyone know where she stood. Over and over again, she would tell reporters that she was an “ardent supporter” of gun rights and opposed things like red flag laws.

With Sears as the Lt. Governor, Youngkin as Governor (I was promised in his campaign office that he would be the most pro-gun Governor in Virginia history, and I intend to keep him to it), Jason Miyares as Attorney General, and the House of Delegates in Republican control, we can start pushing for pro-gun bills in Virginia.

Next year, we take back the Virginia Senate!

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