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U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- The LaRue Tactical LT-FUG grip is hands-down my favorite vertical grip. I know, I know, spoilers. I’m obviously not supposed to tell you the thing is awesome in the first sentence of a review article, because why should you keep reading?

In this case, it’s because of the unique features of the grip that make it my favorite. That, and because it’s so nice, that without holding it, most people can’t appreciate or under the price it demands.

The LaRue FUG with the small end-cap attached is compact and handy IMG Jim Grant

LaRue Tactical LT-FUG Grip

What is the LT-FUG? In a nutshell, it’s an over-engineered, extraordinarily durable vertical grip designed to meet or exceed the needs and requirements of armed professionals using their weapons in unfriendly territory. Sounds like marketing hype, I know. But the grip is really well made and includes several smart features.

LaRue Tactical Ultimate Upper Kit with LaRue FUG Grip
The author’s LaRue Tactical Ultimate Upper build with the FUG grip and the large endcap attached. IMG Jim Grant

For starters, the grip features a Picatinny QD mount that allows shooters to quickly attach the FUG to whatever gun they want. The lever itself seems like an improved version of the ARMS-style levers that tend to wear out with use. For the uninformed, the ARMS mounts are camming levers that clamp onto a Picatinny rail. The ARMS mount also tends to feature a single recoil lug that slides between the Picatinny rails to prevent sliding forward or backward during the recoil impulse.

LaRue FUG04
The way the FUG attaches to Picatinny rails is rock-solid. IMG Jim Grant

The LaRue FUG mount differs from this, in two ways. First off, it uses two recoil lugs making for a better fit to the rail. And secondly, it features a mirror-polished camming surface, which makes attaching the normally stiff levers of these types of mounts a total breeze without sacrificing strength or durability.

Speaking of which, the steel mounting components are sunk into the polymer house for the grip and secured to an anchor inside the grip with a large machine screw. So short of using the FUG to hammer nails on a regular basis, it should hold up to all the abuse a shooter can throw at it. Plus, the heavy-duty polymer isn’t just strong, it’s also a special type of thermal-resistant plastic that keeps the shooter’s hands cool even while their weapon heats up.

Modular as FUG

Bad pun, I know. But forgive me, I’m a dad. Still, the FUG is incredibly modular. It ships with three different end caps for the grip that transform it from a low-profile grip to a full-sized one or a mid-sized one. All three end-caps are water-tight, allowing shooters to store spare optic batteries, a bolt, or any other critical small item safely. In addition to these end-caps, the FUG also includes a pair of rubber grip wraps a shooter can slide over the vertical grip to give themselves a more positive purchase on the grips. Though in testing, I found the molded ribs on the grip to be perfect for me.

LaRue Tactical FUG03
The FUG ships with three end-caps and two rubber grip rings as well. IMG Jim Grant

In testing, the compact size was ideal for the way I utilize vertical grips on semi-automatic firearms; I was able to use a modified c-clamp grip to have access to the tape switch for my weapon light, while still having the recoil-reducing advantages of a dedicated foregrip. When I handed the grip over to my buddy in law enforcement, he liked the oversized large endcap which a flared bottom. This made sense because he was running it on a short-barreled select-fire M4 carbine. And in that role, both he and I noted how useful that vertical grip was when firing automatic bursts.  But this grip will likely still find fans among those with larger-sized hands, as it adds about an inch of extra length to the grip.

LaRue FUG01
The author prefers the small endcap, but shooters with larger hands should opt for the larger options. IMG Jim Grant

LaRue Tactical LT-FUG Worth a Buy?

Retailing for $107, the FUG isn’t the cheapest option on the market by a long shot. But the fact that the grip is incredibly durable, fully modular, and made 100% in the USA, makes it worth the cost of entry in my book. Others will be happy with $20 options from big names out there, but for me, the LaRue Tactical FUG is the cream of the crop, and worth every penny.

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