U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Plan To Phaseout Out Lead Ammunition


Washington, DC – -(Ammoland.com)- The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is drafting the 2022-23 Hunt Fish Rule, and they need to hear from hunters!

The Service has drafted a phaseout of lead ammunition on at least five National Wildlife Refuges in Virginia, West Virginia, and Maine. As this is just the initial draft, the final rule may include the phaseout of lead ammunition on more refuges in other parts of the country. The Service is also planning to phase out the use of lead fishing tackle, including on at least one refuge in Pennsylvania.

OPPOSE lead ammo bans!

Calls to ban lead ammunition are centered around habitat, species, and human health concerns. Hunters are free to choose alternatives, but the choice must remain with the individual. At this point, there is not enough scientific evidence to show that hunting with lead ammunition can cause significant harm to habitat, animals, or in consumption of extracted meat, and it certainly does not warrant a ban or phaseout from the federal government.

Anti-lead advocates will argue that lead alternatives are readily available and just as cost-effective as lead. This is simply not the case. Amid a nation-wide ammo shortage, banning lead on certain federal lands will undoubtedly keep many away from hunting, especially new hunters and those without knowledge or access to alternatives, and will reduce access to public lands.

Lead ammo is easier and cheaper to manufacture and purchase, helping hunting remain accessible and lowering the barrier to entry. Any attempt to restrict use on public lands is simply another effort to downsize the hunting community. Men and women across the country already face enough barriers to hunting – expensive ammo should not be added to the list.

Contact the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service today and say NO to restrictions on the hunting community!

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