Trulock Choke Tubes Has the Upland Bird Chokes for Any Hunter

Trulock Choke Tubes

Whigham, GA – -( Upland hunting can be challenging – and diverse – and seasoned hunters understand the advantage of having different chokes in their bag, which is why Trulock Chock Tubes offers a variety of chokes depending on the scenario and game a hunter is after. Close, fast targets require an open choke to disperse the pattern quickly; while the open style chokes also work well when dealing with small targets, such as quail or woodcock.

Additionally, there are days when the environment or long seasons cause birds to flush farther out. Switching to a modified or even full choke can give hunters the reach to stay on target for a clean kill when the opportunity finally arises.

By using the right Trulock chokes for the situation, hunters can increase their effective range and maximize their pattern size at different distances.

“Conditions can often change within a day in the field, where birds hold tight in the morning and flush wild in the afternoon. A hunter with a handful of chokes is more likely to go home with a handful of birds at the end of any hunt,” shared George Trulock, President of Trulock Choke Tubes.

Trulock provides exceptional customer service and will do anything within reason to make their customers happy. Check out TrulockChokes.Com for choke recommendations with lead or steel shot, for a variety of game. At Trulock, customer service is not just a name; it is something the company is dedicated to giving.

Here is an Upland rundown from Trulock Chokes to give hunters an advantage no matter what they are after this year. Pick your quarry and select the best choke options.

  • Game Bird                  Trulock Chokes Constriction Name
  • Bobwhite Quail          Cyl. or Skeet 1 or Imp. Cyl.
  • Pheasant                    Skeet 2 (also known as Lite Mod.) or Mod, or Imp. Mod.
  • Dove                           Skeet 2 (also known as Lite Mod.) or Mod. or Imp. Mod.
  • Woodcock                  Cyl. or Skeet 1 or Imp. Cyl.
  • Grouse                        Imp. Cyl. or Skeet 2 (also known as Lite Mod.) or Mod.
  • California Quail         Imp Cyl. or Skeet 2 (also known as Lite Mod.) or Mod.
  • Mountain Quail          Imp Cyl. or Skeet 2 (also known as Lite Mod.) or Mod.
  • Snipe                         Cyl. or Skeet 1
  • Chukar                        Imp. Cyl. or Skeet 2 (also known as Lite Mod.) or Mod.
  • Squirrel                      Mod or Imp. Mod. or Full
  • Rabbit                         Mod,or Imp. Mod. or Full

Trulock Choke Tubes: Constriction specialists that enhance a shooter’s natural ability.

Explore the many options of choke tubes to fit most shotguns at Follow Trulock on Facebook at https, on Instagram, at Twitter, and LinkedIn.

About Trulock Choke Tubes

George Trulock began manufacturing chokes in 1981 to solve the dilemma of creating a choke system that could be retrofitted into most shotgun barrels without the use of an adaptor or machine tools. His final design launched The Tru-Choke style choke tube in 1982. Since then, this proprietary system has been adopted by several shotgun manufacturers as O.E.M. and copied by a number of aftermarket choke makers. Trulock chokes now stocks approximately 2,000 different choke part numbers and have come a long way from George’s first piece of production equipment, a Warner and Swasey # 2 turret lathe.

Trulock Chokes has grown from a one-man show to a company that employs 30 people producing products 24 hours a day, 5 days per week. Trulock™ Chokes is still a family-owned business with George’s sons, Scott and Jerrod, a vital part of the management team.

Trulock Chokes has three goals: to make the best product, to give the best customer service, and to have 100 percent customer satisfaction. In the event a customer is not completely satisfied with their purchase, they can return it for a refund or exchange within 60 days from the date of purchase. Watch videos and get questions answered on what type of choke to buy at Buy Trulock™ Chokes online at TrulockChokes.Com.

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