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If you like the idea of the 2011 pistol and just wished you could cram all of its features and benefits down into a more practical carry-sized gun then you’re in luck today. Staccato has just announced the introduction of the new Staccato CS that comes with all the shootablity, speed, and accuracy that Staccato is known for, just in a smaller package that’s more conducive to concealed carry duty.

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Introducing the Carry-Sized Staccato CS 2011 Pistol

The New Carry-Sized Staccato CS 2011 Pistol

Weighing under 23 ounces with a 3.5” bull barrel, this “little sibling” is smaller than other members of the Staccato pistol family and made for concealed carry. Now it’s possible to have Staccato with you at all times.

Loaded with significant patent-pending technology, the Staccato CS embodies American ingenuity in a practical, small package that amplifies the shootability of the Staccato platform. It has to be experienced to believe.

Keys, phone, wallet, Staccato. Built optic-ready out of the box, the Staccato CS is more than a quick powerful lineup addition. It is also a quick and convenient everyday carry solution. Your EDC may be the most important gun you own.

Introducing the Carry-Sized Staccato CS 2011 Pistol

The Staccato CS 2011 pistol will have a few minor changes made to its design that deviate from standard Staccato pistols which include a freshly designed grip that is more suitable for a wider variety of hand sizes. In addition, the Staccato CS will feature a new dedicated 15-round magazine to match the pistol’s intended role which Staccato says is incredibly shootable and concealable making it perfect for both concealed carry duty as well as home defense. The new Staccato CS pistol will begin shipping in mid-December and will come with either compact iron sights or full-size sights depending on your preference. Both trims of the Staccato CS will cost $2,499 from the Staccato website and are available for order now. For more information, you can visit

Introducing the Carry-Sized Staccato CS 2011 Pistol

Staccato CS

  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Barrel: 3.5 Inch Bull Barrel
  • Frame: 7075 – Billet Precision Machined Aluminum
  • Optic-Ready (Standard): Fiber Optic, Rear: Dawson Precision® Patented Optic System – Carry or Tactical
  • Trigger: 4 – 4.5 Ib, Aluminum, Long Curve, Anodized Black
  • Dimensions: Length 7.1 X Grip Width 1.2 X Height 5.6 – Width At Safeties 1.45 – Weight 22.7oz w/o Optic, Empty – No Mag
  • Magazines: 3x 15 – Round

Introducing the Carry-Sized Staccato CS 2011 Pistol

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