The Big Lie The ACLU Told Must Not Go Unanswered

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United States – -( By now, Second Amendment supporters are probably aware of what the ACLU put out regarding the origins of the constitutional provision that protects our right to keep and bear arms. This isn’t a mere whopper, it’s a Triple Whopper with Bacon and Cheese – with appropriate apologies to that delicious fast-food burger for being associated with a blood libel.

The Founders of this country had a lot to say about the Second Amendment and why they included it. The history of both the Second Amendment and the Fourteenth Amendment discussed in a pair of landmark Supreme Court cases also has a lot to say about the ACLU’s version of history. In fact, Clayton Cramer makes a compelling case that it is the effort to deny Americans of the ability to exercise their Second Amendment rights that is founded in racism.

Suffice it to say that the ACLU’s lie is easily refuted. But let’s think about what the ACLU was doing with this attack. They wanted to smear those who are defending the Second Amendment as defending the evils of slavery and racism. In essence, there was nothing about history in their post. It was about sticking a social stigma on those who defend the Second Amendment.

Why the social stigma?

Because these days, corporate America is buying a lot of nonsense, and when you consider that corporate America, notably Silicon Valley, are actively making moves against the Second Amendment and its defenders, and have for a while.

There is just one big problem: They need to find something to justify continued censorship. Jen Psaki blew up one of the fig leaves a few weeks ago. So, if the government cannot flag so-called “misinformation” for Silicon Valley to censor, those who want to cut off Second Amendment supporters from being able to even make the argument have to find a new pretext. Phony charges of racism will do nicely, especially as a way to dehumanize Second Amendment supporters.

These lies can have serious consequences, and Second Amendment supporters need to hold the ACLU accountable. Second Amendment supporters need to be very vocal in calling out these lies. The ACLU’s decision needs to also have repercussions for them. Only we will not be using the underhanded tactics of the likes of Letitia James and Andrew Cuomo. In this case, we will exercise our First Amendment rights. We will be writing letters to the editor of your local paper is one means to do so. We will contact our federal, local, and state elected officials as well, to point out the ACLU’s despicable smear.

Those who can see the truth about that and who will support our Second Amendment rights will be rewarded with our support. Those that don’t will have to be dealt with at the ballot box as soon as possible, whether they are at the federal, state, or local levels.

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