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U.S.A. -( The SOL Fuel Free Lighter is a cool little survival item that you ought to add to your survival pack. I got two for me and my daughter to use backpacking. If you get outdoors, you’re going to need to build a fire and if you get out very much, then somewhere along the way being able to make a fire will have life and death consequences.

Sure, in good weather go-for matches work fine but when it’s damp or the wind is howling it’s a horse of a different color. My wife once gave me an expensive survival lighter top carry. I’d carried it for a few years and on one trip finally needed it. I proudly popped it out but to my dismay, it didn’t work. I took it back to Cabela’s and they informed me that you had to recharge them with fuel every few years.

Why have an expensive lighter if it isn’t going to work? I went back to carrying cheap Bic lighters and waterproof matches. But deep down I thought I needed a good lighter in case someone fell in the river and was freezing or if I came upon a lost hunter that was about to die. I think I’ve found my lighter.

The SOL Fuel Free Lighter has unique characteristics. To begin, it is small and lightweight weighing in at less than 2 oz’s and is only 1in thick and 3.75in long. So it is easy to carry PLUS-it is rechargeable with a USB port!

To operate it is easy. Remove the cap. To do this flip the wire clasp over and press down on the bottom of the long silver button. The cap will then pop up. Next hit the black button on the side. It will arc across the four posts.

Of course, before doing the above you’ll want to have your kindling ready. Put your fire-starting material on the bottom under your kindling. Have other wood ready to add as the fire gets going. Some people carry a small patch of foil so they can build their fire on it to prevent ground moisture from hindering you. There are a lot of good fire-starting materials offered. I like the Trioxane bars but also lint out of your dryer works great.

If the cap is not removed and you hit the black button on the side a flashlight on the bottom turns on. You have three lighting options-high beam, a low, or a strobe light. They advertise that it can run on the low beam for 3-hrs. If you’re going to be out backpacking for extended periods, think about getting one of the little solar charging panels.

I can’t tell you how great the little SOL Fuel Free Lighter is. I’m going to start carrying one all the time in my backpack for emergency situations. Check them out. I think that they’re going to be super popular. The MSRP IS $29.99 and as is usual, we will close with the specs.

SOL Fuel Free Lighter SPECS:

The Fire Lite Fuel-Free Lighter lets you start fires with the touch of a button. This weatherproof electric lighter works in any conditions at any altitude. Weighing less than 2 oz., the plasma lighter comes with a built-in LED light and a tinder paracord lanyard that can be used as a tinder or rope. The lighter’s top-facing dual arcs ignite anything flammable on contact, ideal for lighting campfires, stoves, and more. USB-rechargeable, this lighter has you covered for easy, awesome fire starting; single charge power about 45 lighter uses or 3 hours of low light.
• Touch to Ignite
Ignite a fire with the touch of a button. Simply touch the dual arc Fire Lite Fuel-Free Lighter to anything flammable for instant flames that will bring out your inner pyromaniac.
• Built-in LED Light
Light your way in the dark with the 100 lumen LED Light, which has low, high, and strobe settings. The light runs for about 3 hours on low for a single battery charge.
• 3 Ft. Tinder-Cord Lanyard
Attach the included tinder paracord lanyard for spare rope or dependable tinder. Cut the paracord’s end off and push back the nylon fibers to expose the flammable core.
• Rechargeable & Fuel Free
Use this USB-rechargeable electric lighter again and again. The lithium battery charges in 2 hours with the included micro USB and lasts for about 45 uses (7 seconds per use).
• Waterproof & Windproof
Start fires in the worst weather without worrying about your lighter. This waterproof lighter works regardless of wind, rain, temperature, or altitude and has a watertight case.
• Ultralight & Compact
Take this ultralight fire starter anywhere. The sleek plasma lighter weighs less than 2 oz., fits in the palm of your hand, and makes you look like a fire-building guru.

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