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For today’s Photo Of The Day, we have pictures of the new Smith & Wesson Model 350 revolver, the first commercially available revolver chambered in .350 Legend. Built on Smith & Wesson’s largest X-Frame, the Model 350 has a 7-round cylinder and utilizes moon clips due to the rimless design of the .350 Legend cartridge case.

POTD Smith & Wesson Model 350 Revolver (2)

Specifically designed to fit the needs of the North American Whitetail hunter, the straight-wall 350 Legend cartridge is both powerful and versatile enough to warrant the Model 350 earning a space in your deer stand.

POTD Smith & Wesson Model 350 Revolver (3)

I think a revolver chambered in a rifle cartridge will be useful not only for handgun hunting but also as a companion sidearm for a shoulder arm chambered in the same caliber. Like the reverse of the concept of having the rifle chambered in the handgun cartridge which was so popular in the Old West and still is with the modern PCCs and pistols. Having one cartridge for all your guns in the field will make things easier in terms of logistics. That said, I think X-Frame revolvers chambered in other large bore intermediate length cartridges like .450 Bushmaster, .458 SOCOM, .50 Beowulf or even .300 Blackout should be appealing to those using rifles chambered in these cartridges.

Pictures by Smith & Wesson,

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