Serious About Doves? Use Trulock Dove Choke Tubes

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U.S.A.-( Doves are famous for being one of the toughest game birds to hit in flight due to their speed, which is why Trulock Choke Tubes introduced two choke tubes specifically for the demands of dove hunting. The dove chokes are offered in two constrictions: one for the kind of mid-range shots that dove hunters most often encounter, and a tighter version for those tough days when most of the doves over the field are flying high.

Trulock designs, builds, and tests all their choke tubes at their facility in Whigham, Georgia, using state-of-the-art CNC manufacturing. That process has allowed them to develop these dove chokes with special exit diameters that produce dense, hard-hitting patterns in all 12-gauge loads suitable for dove hunting.

Trulock’s engineers are dove hunters themselves, and that’s why these chokes tubes have several features to make them practical and versatile in the field under a wide range of conditions.

The chokes are made from ultra-strong, heat-treated 17/4 stainless steel and have a black oxide finish. They also have extended, knurled heads for easy and fast installation and removal, this allows for fast changes in the field, if needed.

They are rated for lead, steel or tungsten shot; these chokes can handle it all, and they are offered in both ported and non-ported versions.

Trulock is initially offering these new dove choke tubes in Win Choke™, Rem Choke™, Browning Invector™, Browning Inv. Plus™, Mossberg Accu Choke™ and Beretta/Benelli Mobil Choke™ versions.

Like all Trulock Choke Tubes, the same experts involved in the initial design are present through all phases of product development, testing and manufacturing. That means these dove choke tubes have been extensively tested, both on paper and in the field — Trulock Choke Tubes don’t go out the door until Trulock can guarantee they consistently produce superior performance in pattern density and uniformity.

In fact, Trulock offers the best guarantee in the business: your money back if you’re not satisfied, and a lifetime guarantee against failure as long as you own the choke.

They offer that guarantee because when you test the pattern your dove shotgun throws with a Trulock dove choke, you can see the improvement over your old chokes. When you use it in the field, you get better results. Trulock dove choke tubes simply work better.

To learn more about choke tubes, shotgun patterning, and how to get the best choke for your hunting needs, check out Trulock’s home page at

About Trulock™ Choke Tubes

George Trulock began manufacturing chokes in 1981 to solve the dilemma of creating a choke system that could be retrofitted into most shotgun barrels without the use of an adaptor or machine tools. His final design launched The Tru-Choke style choke tube in 1982. Since then, this proprietary system has been adopted by several shotgun manufacturers as O.E.M. and copied by a number of aftermarket choke makers. Trulock™ chokes now stocks approximately 2,000 different choke part numbers and has come a long way from George’s first piece of production equipment, a Warner and Swasey # 2 turret lathe.

Trulock™ Chokes has grown from a one-man show to a company that employs 30 people producing products 24 hours a day, 5 days per week. Trulock™ Chokes is still a family-owned business with George’s sons, Scott and Jerrod, a vital part of the management team.

Trulock™ Chokes has three goals: to make the best product, to give the best customer service and to have 100 percent customer satisfaction. In the event a customer is not completely satisfied with their purchase, they can return it for a refund or exchange within 60 days from the date of purchase. Watch videos and get questions answered on what type of choke to buy at Buy Trulock™ Chokes online at TrulockChokes.Com.

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