Senate Democrats Try to Force Universal Background Check Bill, will GOP Fold?

Senate Democrats Try to Force Universal Background Check Bill, will GOP Fold? IMG iStock-924058482

WASHINGTON, D.C. -( Are Senate Democrats scheming to ram universal background checks (H.R. 8) through the Senate without even attempting to pass it through a vote?

Reports have surfaced that anti-gun Democrats in the Senate are planning on exploiting the tragic mass murder that took place at an Oakland County, Michigan high school to pull off this political stunt. Six students tragically lost their lives at the hands of a 15-year-old student when the teen opened fire on fellow students with his father’s handgun.

The shooter’s father successfully PASSED a background check when he purchased his handgun used by the teen, which makes the move to push for universal background checks by anti-gun Senators even more puzzling.

Reportedly Democrats want to use a procedural move called “unanimous consent” to bring the bill to the Senate floor without a vote. Democrats want to ask for unanimous consent from the Senate body.

If no Senators object to the request, then the bill passes without a vote.

It is a long shot but it is reported that at least one “pro-gun” Republican will not object to a call for unanimous consent by Democrats. If one Senator does not agree to the call for unanimous consent, then the motion would end. Democrats know that the bill will probably not pass the Senate by unanimous consent. But by forcing Republicans to object to the universal background check bill right after a mass murder where the killer used a gun, they believe that they will win political points with voters.

If true this stunt is not about making schools safer for our children. It is about trying to hurt Republicans’ midterm elections chances.

In this November’s past election, Democrats took a beating across the board. In the bell-weather state of Virginia, Republicans won all three top state offices, replacing three anti-gun Democrats and taking back control of the House of Delegates. Even in the Democratic stronghold of New Jersey, Republicans made significant gains and almost won the Governor’s office. Even in far-left Seattle elected a Republican mayor. The amount of ground Republicans took from Democrats was historical, and the best is yet to come.

The reports of a Democrat plan for trying to pass universal background checks by unanimous consent didn’t come to light until late Wednesday. Some believe that the last-minute goal was kept under wraps to prevent the grassroots gun community from getting involved and flooding Senator’s inboxes and phone numbers. The anti-gun politicians want to dissuade as many Republican Senators as possible from standing up against their dirty tactics and make those who stand up look out of touch by playing on Americans’ emotions.

Gun Owners of America emailed out an emergency alert Wednesday night informing their members of the move by Senate Democrats. The NRA ILA and the Second Amendment Foundation both are monitoring the situation. Gun rights lobbyists are working behind the scenes to ensure that the ploy does not work.

Concerned gun owners can reach their Senator’s office by calling the Senate’s switchboard at 202-224-3121. Even if your Senator is an anti-gun politician, you must make it known to them that using dead kids as political pawns is not okay, and you know what they are doing.

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