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USA – -( Extreme Risk Protection Orders, also known as Red Flag Laws, are created specifically to confiscate guns without the hindrance of due process getting in the way.

The idea behind Red Flag Laws is to make it as easy as possible for people to accuse acquaintances of being mentally unfit or dangerous to themselves or society. The process begins with a simple accusation from a friend, family, former spouse, ex-roommate, or member of law enforcement. As in H.R.2377, this process has been streamlined to make it as easy as possible for accusers to submit their accusations. Often with Red Flag Laws, just an affidavit is necessary. The result of the accusation is the forceful confiscation of the respondent’s firearms. The respondent is afforded no court hearing or legal representation prior to the unconstitutional confiscation, resulting in a blatant violation of due process rights clearly listed in the fifth and fourteenth amendments.

Red flag laws are created under the guise of mental health safety. In other words, the actions taken and the primary focus of all the text within the laws focuses on the justification of confiscating guns, but mental health is the excuse that is used. The interesting thing that we find when we look at the 17 states which have enacted Red Flag Laws, is that only one of them even mentions mental illness and none of them require that a mental health expert be involved in the process.

Zero provisions have been included within the proposed national HR 2377 red flag law or of the 17 state Red Flag Laws to actually address the mental health of the respondent.

Nothing in any of these laws refers to help for the supposed sufferer of mental health issues and victims of this unconstitutional gonna grab. What makes it obvious that red flag laws are more about confiscating guns than they are about dealing with mental health issues, is that all states have laws that are commonly referred to as the Baker act statutes. These allow for the 72-hour hold and mental health observation of someone who may have mental health issues. So the laws are already in place to address the issues that red flag laws claim to address but completely ignore.

The intent of red flag laws in conjunction with universal background checks will result in a massive government database of firearms and the ability of law enforcement directed by local judges to go to these locations with a simple accusation and confiscate the guns. In order to enact red flag laws, the government needs to know where the guns are. This is where universal background checks come in. This is why we see Democrats desperately pushing for these two laws in tandem.

When you take away guns from people with mental health issues and do nothing to solve the underlying problem of mental health, you still have the issue of mental health. in other words, you’ve done nothing to help the person. But that’s not what this is really about. Red flag laws show us that the intent here is not to fix mental health issues but rather simply confiscate guns at will. Red flag laws also allow for anyone to determine the mental health of others by way of giving their accusations validity. HR 2377 would allow your former roommate, whose education and training is focused specifically on pizza delivery, to determine your mental health and activate a gun confiscation upon you.

If there was any intent within these laws to actually resolve mental health issues and protect people, there would be provisions to include mental health experts such as psychologists and psychiatrists in the process. There are none, indicating that the real intent behind these laws is to create an easy path to gun confiscation.

The 2nd Amendment is not a privilege.
It’s your right.

Dan Wos
Good Gun Bad Guy
The Loaded Mic

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