Preparing For The 2022 General Election

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United States – -( With the 2022 general election coming up, Second Amendment supporters need to be ready to get to work to ensure that the results on election day are good for our freedoms. What can you do to be ready?

Make Sure You Are Registered To Vote

Make sure that you have registered to vote. If you have, double-check and make sure the information is accurate. Double-check what the laws and regulations are for early voting and absentee voting. Make sure your vote will count and everything on that front is squared away. It’s like what the safety briefings on airplanes tell you about the oxygen masks. Get yourself squared away before you help others.

Help Your Friends And Family Register To Vote

Once you have ensured you have registered to vote, then you work on helping your friends and family with their voter registration. If this is their first election, or their first time in this jurisdiction, help them understand how the process works in your jurisdiction. Then help them be able to help others.

Know The Issues

The next step is to study and know the issues. Articles here at Ammoland can help, but it never hurts to also go to pro-Second Amendment groups to get additional facts and figures. The National Rifle Association, Gun Owners of America, and the National Shooting Sports Foundation all have valuable resources that can help you be on top of the issues – which will make it easier for you to educate others.

Know The Political Terrain

Learn as much as you can about where you are – and how past elections have gone. This is a crucial step that far too many Second Amendment supporters don’t keep in mind. The candidate who is a good fit for West Virginia will probably flounder in the suburbs of Dallas or Philadelphia.

Know The Candidates

Perhaps the most important knowledge of all – the candidates who are running to be that legislator who actually casts the votes for legislation. Figure out your best option given the political terrain where you live.

Consider The Next Steps

What you do beyond getting yourself and friends and family registered and knowing the issues is largely up to you. There are many ways to get involved in elections. I cannot possibly know the situations for every loyal Ammoland reader out there. Some may want to donate to pro-Second Amendment candidates and organizations. Other may volunteer for a particular campaign. Still others might volunteer as poll watchers.


This, of course, is obvious. Cast your vote and make your voice heard on election day so that anti-Second Amendment extremists at the federal, state, and local level will be defeated at the ballot box.

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