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Practical shooting organizations have been in existence within the United States for over 70 years at this point and arguably longer if you include competitive Olympic shooting sports. However, with the increase in popularity and affordability of handguns, sports like USPSA, IPSC, and IDPA have come to the forefront of the firearms industry as its flagship sports gaining mass appeal, recognition, and love while still honing in on the intense core skill set required to place in the top spots. Our guest today is someone I’ve met at several firearms industry events and has since become a good friend of mine who is always a pleasure to shoot with. Dave Blanton, aka The Humble Marksman, is here today to talk about USPSA, IDPA, and other practical shooting sports in both a broad sense and in the sense that he’s a frequent and regular competitor heavily invested in the sport. If you’ve ever been interested in shooting sports, tune in and get ready to take a deep dive into practical shooting sports with The Humble Marksman and me.

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TFB B-Side Podcast: Practical Shooting with The Humble Marksman

TFB B-Side Podcast: Practical Shooting with The Humble Marksman

In today’s episode of the TFB B-Side Podcast, we’ve brought on competitive shooter Dave Blanton otherwise known as The Humble Marksman on YouTube and Instagram. Dave hasn’t had your typical journey through the ranks of IDPA and USPS but instead is pretty much just a regular Joe like you and I that has a passion for high-speed low-drag shooting. On today’s podcast, Dave and I talk at length about the competitive shooting scene, how it started, how it’s going, and where we hope it’ll land in the future. It hasn’t been easy this last couple of years inside the walls of USPSA but hopefully, things are looking better on the horizon. Please welcome today’s guest Dave Blanton!

TFB B-Side Podcast: Practical Shooting with The Humble Marksman

TFB B-Side Podcast: Practical Shooting with The Humble Marksman

All photos provided by Dave Blanton/The Humble Marksman


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