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Below the Radar: Making America Safe and Secure Act of 2019

San Jose, California – -( Many Second Amendment supporters make one big strategic mistake: They fail to understand just how creative our enemies are. Whether it was big city mayors trying to use civil litigation to bludgeon gun manufacturers out of existence, Andrew Cuomo using financial regulations to cripple pro-Second Amendment activism, or even the increasing dehumanization that anti-Second Amendment extremists engage in, it seems we’re always caught by surprise and having to react to their latest scheme.

This is going to be crucial to rectify, because should the Supreme Court rule in our favor on the Duncan and Miller cases out of California, it will only have take bans of standard capacity magazines and modern multi-purpose semiautomatics off the table. It will leave multiple avenues of attack open.

This includes the recent proposal celebrated by San Jose mayor Sam Liccardo. This is not the first time Liccardo has tried to shift blame for crimes and acts of madness on those who were exercising their constitutional rights. During the 2016 campaign, he blamed Trump for the actions of rioters who targeted people who exercised their First Amendment rights by attending one of his rallies. We covered the similar scheme that Carolyn Maloney proposed earlier.

Liccardo tried to justify his attack by saying, “While the Second Amendment protects the right to bear arms, it does not require taxpayers to subsidize gun ownership.” Not only that, they will also look to make us pay for the “societal costs” of exercising our Second Amendment rights. The goal, as it was with any scheme like this, is to make it too expensive and inconvenient to exercise our Second Amendment rights.

Think that will be all that happens on this front? Get ready to see them try to expand the scope of the National Firearms Act. Sheila Jackson Lee, to date, hasn’t been able to get co-sponsorship on the Sabika Sheikh Firearms Licensing and Registration Act. Think that will be the case if gun bans are off the table? Guess again, they’ll be coming to license and register, and they will even try to spin opposition to those measures as paranoia because, after all, “The Supreme Court won’t let us ban guns.” We’re not even getting to the risks posed to our Second Amendment rights by corporate gun control and financial blacklisting.

The work will be only starting. The good news, in the case of San Jose, is that the Firearms Policy Coalition is already threatening legal action to halt Liccardo’s scheme. But the real work is going to involve defeating anti-Second Amendment extremists at the ballot box at the federal, state, and local levels.

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