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ParkWest Arms PW P9 (ParkWest Arms)

Perhaps better known for their bolt action rifles, South Dakota-based Parkwest Arms have introduced a pistol caliber AR-based pistol – the PW-P9. The PW-P9 feeds from Glock magazines, is available with a standard rear or a side charging handle and has a proprietary, patented, bolt hold open design.

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Parkwest Arms released a video looking at the PW-P9:

Here’s what Parkwest Arms has to say about the PW-P9:

Parkwest Arms, a leading manufacturer and widely known for finely crafted, custom bolt-action rifles, and accessories and now state-of-the-art AR platforms, is proud to introduce their all-new PW-P9. Operating out of the same manufacturing facility and built by the same team who are recognized world-over for their overall craftsmanship and knowledge, are now taking their talents a step further by building the impressive PW-P9.

The PW-P9 is an advanced AR platform 9-millimeter pistol built entirely in Sturgis, South Dakota. Combining Mil-spec aluminum construction with unique, Parkwest Arms patented features to deliver unrivaled reliability and performance. Versatile and compact, the rugged PW-P9 takes Glock and most universal magazines for cross platform compatibility and can be configured with a rear or side charging handle. It offers a patented bolt hold-open design that will catch the bolt every time on the last round so that the shooter doesn’t have to recharge between magazine changes. It also features an M-Lok handguard and flat-top upper for accessories and sights.

“I can confidently say our team of engineers, designers and craftsmen are some of the best in the industry,” said Steve Rabackoff, President of Parkwest Arms. “When they came to me with the idea of the PW-P9, I was excited to see what they could come up with. The outcome far exceeded my expectations, I’m overly proud to add this product to our line of other quality firearms.”

Choose from the Standard compact or ultra-compact, feature packed RTG (Ready to Go) models. Pick between a four or six-inch M-LOK handguard, either SB Tactical SBA4 or Maxim Defense CQB PDW pistol braces, and a 7.5 inch or 5.25-inch barrel. With multiple custom Cerakote finishes offered, the only choices to be made are the preference of the shooter. All PW-P9’s come equipped with an additional pistol buffer tube. Whether for sport shooting or tactical applications, the Parkwest Arms PW-P9 is the ultimate compact AR Pistol platform.

ParkWest Arms PW P9 (ParkWest Arms)

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