Nadler Just Gave Second Amendment Supporters All They Need To Kill Gun Bans

Anti-gun New York Congressman Jerry Nadler led House Democrats in their quest to ban so-called “assault weapons” in what may become nothing more than a ceremonial vote, as the media is predicting the legislation will not pass the Senate. (Screen snip, C-SPAN)

United States – -( Say this for Representative Jerry Nadler (D-NY), he may be an enemy of our rights, but some enemies can actually be extremely helpful for our cause. During a mark-up for HR 1808, the assault weapons ban that passed with the help of two Republicans (five Democrats voted against it), he made remarks that will come back to bite him in court.

“The problem is that they’re in common use.”

With those eight words, any competent attorney could go to the Supreme Court and secure a ruling that should kill semi-auto bans – at least in terms of constitutionality. But Nadler’s damage to anti-Second Amendment extremism has the potential to be so much greater than that.

Michael Kinsey once said a gaffe was when a politician unintentionally told the truth. Well, in this case, that is what Nadler did, and for those understandably unwilling to trust an anti-Second Amendment extremist, just check out the latest estimate from the National Shooting Sports Foundation. If they are willing to defy the Supreme Court – like New York and California are – then they will likely just end up also making Clarence Thomas’s day.

But while the eventual court ruling that Nadler’s revealing comment will be extremely helpful, it won’t be the last word. It never is. Thankfully, Nadler’s gaffe is a gift that will also give Second Amendment supporters ammunition in other areas. One of the biggest will be when we are explaining to our fellow Americans why anti-Second Amendment extremists need to be voted out.

After all, if Nadler and those like him will defy the Supreme Court on guns, what is the next thing they will defy the court on? Or will they act against the court and destroy it for opposing their anti-Second Amendment extremism? Second Amendment supporters can press these points to our fellow Americans, and Nadler himself made it a million times easier to do. The best part is, we have it on video and covered by reliable media sources – this isn’t too good to be true.

Which, of course, extends to something else: Credibility. Nadler just confirmed what we have told our fellow Americans for years: They are coming for our guns. He openly admits it. Because that threat is credible, we don’t look crazy – and efforts by anti-Second Amendment extremists to make us look crazy will fail.

Second Amendment supporters have been given a huge gift – no pun intended – by Jerry Nadler. This is the sort of thing that they can use to help defeat anti-Second Amendment extremists via the ballot box at the federal, state, and local levels this November.

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