MSNBC Banned From the Kyle Rittenhouse Trial

KENOSHA WI-( Judge Bruce Schroeder banned MSNBC from the Kenosha courthouse, where the trial of the Kyle Rittenhouse has been taking place for the last week and a half.

Last night police stopped a man that they claim was following the sealed juror’s bus after it left the Kenosha courthouse. The bus transports the jurors away from the courthouse with the windows covered. This setup is to prevent the jurors from being influenced by protestors outside the courthouse where violent confrontations have been taking place between Black Lives Matter protestors and supporters of Mr. Rittenhouse.

The man followed about a block behind the bus when he ran a red light to keep up with the juror’s transportation. The Kenosha police stopped the man and asked him what he was doing following the bus. The man admitted he was following the jurors from the courthouse and explained he was a producer for NBC News and that the news organization ordered him to follow the bus.

The man’s name is James J Morrison, and he said he was a producer with NBC News. AmmoLand News confirmed through another reporter covering the trial and knows Morrison that he is indeed a producer with NBC News. AmmoLand News was also told he was following the bus to get information on the jury so that the news outlet could reach out to the jurors after the trial concluded to try to get them on MSNBC to talk about the case.

Morrison claims that Irene Byon told him to follow the bus to gather information on the jury members. Byon is a booking producer for NBC News and most likely did want the information to research the jurors to reach out to them to try to book them on MSNBC and other NBC networks. Shortly after Judge Schroeder released her name, Ms. Byon shut down all her social media profiles and deleted her LinkedIn profile. AmmoLand News was able to retrieve a cached copy of her LinkedIn, confirming she was a booking producer for AmmoLand News.

Kenosha police ticketed Mr. Morrison for running the red light then released him from the traffic stop scene. The Police Department reported the incident to the court that night. Judge Schroeder addressed the issue in the courtroom this morning. He called the incident an “extremely serious matter.” He banned MSNBC from court property for following the bus.

The Judge said he would be referring the matter for further investigation and said further actions against MSNBC would take place.

There have been threats against the jury by left-wing protestors who believe Mr. Rittenhouse is guilty of murder. Most in the Second Amendment community believe that Rittenhouse was practicing self-defense when he shot three men attacking him. Two of the men were killed, and a third that pointed a Glock pistol at Mr. Rittenhouse was shot in the arm.

MSNBC, Mr. Morrison, and Ms. Byon have not responded to AmmoLand’s request for comment. At the time of this writing, MSNBC has not released a statement about the grave violation.

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