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Smith & Wesson is building on the success of their M&P 9EZ series of pistols with the introduction of the new Equalizer pistol. Smith & Wesson Equalizer aims to balance power, capacity, and usability with some of the best features that Smith & Wesson has been able to produce and paired it with their easy-to-rack technology to give you the new Equalizer 9mm handgun to level the playing field.

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Meet the NEW Smith & Wesson Equalizer 9mm Carry Pistol

Meet the NEW Smith & Wesson EQUALIZER 9mm Carry Pistol

This new micro-compact represents the next evolution in concealed carry handguns from Smith & Wesson. Taking on some of the best features we’ve been able to create, this is the ultimate CCW. Chambered in 9MM, this allows us to balance power and capacity – the Equalizer ships with 10, 13, and 15-round magazines. A new optic cut pattern allows the user to mount the most popular micro red dots on the market for enhanced accuracy. We’ve integrated our easy-to-rack technology to cater to a wide variety of needs in the market. It features a single-action trigger that allows for a short take-up, clean break, and fast reset to make follow-up shots quicker. The 3.675” barrel gives a longer sight radius for more accurate use with iron sights, and it features a picatinny-style rail to mount lights or lasers for defensive situations. The Equalizer features a new grip texture and pattern designed to give you more control when firing, and more comfort when carrying

Meet the NEW Smith & Wesson Equalizer 9mm Carry Pistol

The Smith & Wesson Equalizer is a hammer-fired pistol with an internal hammer and features an optics-ready slide, grip safety, reversible magazine release, loaded chamber indicator, white dot front and rear sights, and an 18-degree grip angle. The pistol is available in two versions: with an ambidextrous manual thumb safety (SKU 13591) and without manual safety (SKU 13592). Unlike the S&W 9EZ, the Equalizer does away with the lower capacity magazines with load assist tabs in favor of a more traditional magazine design allowing for higher capacity, and Smith & Wesson ships the Equalizer with the Maglula UpLula magazine speed loader to keep the package in line with the user-friendly nature of the pistol. The overall length of the Smith & Wesson Equalizer pistol is 6.75″ and it weighs in at 2.9 oz.

The new Smith & Wesson Equalizer 9mm pistol is available now and is currently listed at an MSRP of $599. For more information or to see a complete list of S&W dealers, you can visit

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