McConnell Shows Value Of Strategy And Tactics

McConnell Shows Value Of Strategy And Tactics iStock-495755592

United States – -( Second Amendment supporters could do themselves a big favor by studying the way Mitch McConnell has managed to render Chuck Schumer’s hopes deader than a doornail. In the fight for our rights, it never hurts to study the good tacticians.

When discussing McConnell’s re-election bid last year, we noted his long track record in support of our Second Amendment rights, and his fight against various campaign finance “reform” schemes meant to muzzle Second Amendment supporters. But what also warrants attention is the tactics McConnell has used.

When discussing how things stood at the federal level, it was noted that Second Amendment supporters were in a tough spot. And things are worrisome, given Merrick Garland’s actions against parents raising concerns about school curricula. For many Second Amendment supporters, it seems like McConnell is doing… nothing. They’re frustrated, especially when he seems to go along with Schumer on non-related issues, like a bipartisan infrastructure bill or the short-term debt ceiling hike.

Yet these days, it is the anti-Second Amendment extremists who seem to be in utter disarray. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema draw much of the attention, but remember, it was Angus King of Maine who ultimately sank David Chipman. Jon Tester has not been horrible (albeit his replacement with a Second Amendment champion would be a benefit for Second Amendment supporters).

The result is that the anti-Second Amendment extremists are seeing their window vanish. Part of it is because, on unrelated issues, they are looking very extreme. In their treatment of Sinema and Manchin, quite frankly, they are managing to anger them more and more.

As has been said before, how we come across to our fellow Americans matters.

They also are trying to intimidate the Supreme Court over New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen. That case, of course, has very high stakes. A favorable ruling could set the stage to doom large swaths of the Bloomberg legislative agenda, changing the legal and legislative terrain decisively. The case will be heard next month. The fact Second Amendment supporters are anticipating a favorable outcome is largely due to McConnell’s work on judicial confirmations.

So, right now, Biden may be able to hijack a speech meant to remember fallen cops to push attacks on our Second Amendment rights, but practically, that is all he can really do, outside some regulations. He’s also struggling with impatience from his allies – particularly those who wanted a sweeping assault on our Second Amendment rights.

And as they implode, Mitch McConnell has stayed out of their way. In fact, he’s reached cross the aisle, making those who support the Second Amendment look reasonable while anti-Second Amendment extremists look extreme on unrelated issues.

The fact is, Second Amendment supporters have been very blessed to have an ally like Mitch McConnell. Restoring him as Senate Majority Leader in the 2022 and 2024 elections will be crucial, as anti-Second Amendment extremists will likely seek revenge for the likely Supreme Court ruling that could come by packing the court. Second Amendment supporters need to work to defeat anti-Second Amendment extremists at the federal, state, and local levels via the ballot box to make sure that does not happen.

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