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Law Tactical is primarily known in the gun world for their AR-15 side folding stock/buffer tube adapters. While their side folding mechanisms make the AR-pattern guns much more compact for transportation, you have to deploy the stock to allow the action of the gun to cycle because as you know, part of the AR-15 rifles’ action (recoil spring and buffer) is inside the buffer tube. Well, the company now has a solution for that with their new AR Internal Carrier (ARIC) which is basically a shortened modified BCG with two side recoil springs that cycles within the upper receiver, allowing to fire the gun with a folded stock.

Law Tactical @ TFB:

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The Law Tactical ARIC (AR Internal Carrier) is a drop in conversion
for AR15-type direct impingement firearms that replaces the traditional Bolt Carrier Group, Recoil Spring and Buffer. Firearms equipped with ARIC and Law Tactical Folding Stock Adapters can be fired repeatedly in both the folded and unfolded position, expanding the mission profile of the AR15.

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Law Tactical AR Internal Carrier is available in two versions: ARIC-C and ARIC-M. The former is designed for unsuppressed use only whereas the latter is suppressor compatible. The company recommends using USGI, Geissele, KAC, Larue, and LMT triggers and does not recommend using the ARIC system with binary or forced reset triggers. The Law Tactical ARIC is user serviceable and can be disassembled without a use of tools. More information on the installation, disassembly and maintenance can be found in the user manual of the product and in video tutorials on the company’s website.

Fire Folded Law Tactical AR Internal Carrier (ARIC) parts

The MSRP of LAW Tactical AR Internal Carrier is $389.

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