Langdon Tactical Technology Expands Offerings in the Conceal Carry Market

Langdon Tactical Technology Expands Offerings in the Conceal Carry Market

U.S.A.-( Langdon Tactical Technology (LTT) has built a reputation for excellence in customizing firearms and is expanding its pistol offering to now include the micro-compact, Springfield Armory Hellcat™. This move allows LTT to accommodate customer requests and concealed carry preferences to provide firearms that deliver Custom Without Compromise to any shooter.

More Americans are taking a greater responsibility for their own safety and security and while interest in Every Day Carry (EDC) and Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) grows, LTT promises to continue to be a resource with both the right training and the right products.

Upgrades available include custom LTT work in combination with the Apex Tactical Trigger Kit with other upgrades offered – Ameriglo Spartan Sights, C&H Precision Adapter plates, Red Dot Optic options, and Hyve extended mag release buttons.

“We have been shooting and evaluating the Hellcat™ for several months now, and I can say that I am truly impressed,” says Ernest Langdon, world-renowned shooter, gunsmith and President of Langdon Tactical Technology, Inc. “All of the Hellcats we’ve tested have functioned flawlessly and reliably, giving me great confidence in the Hellcat for carry. Compared to other micro-compacts, I find the grip shape to be superior and aid tremendously with recoil control. Add in an Apex trigger installed by LTT, you have one hell of a super compact carry gun!”

About LTT

LTT creates customized confidence through making great firearms extraordinary. LTT puts the art and skill of craftsmen to work for a better fit, finish, and optimization of all the pieces and parts that mass production and assembly can never reproduce. The result is a firearm that gives ultimate confidence tailored to the shooter.

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