Keeping An Open Mind On Candidates Is Not A Bad Thing

Keeping An Open Mind On Candidates Is Not A Bad Thing. Donald Trump IMG WhiteHouse-gov

United States – -( Second Amendment supporters will be dealing with primary elections for federal, state, and local offices soon. There will be a lot of those elections in 2022, notably the 435 seats in the House of Representatives, 34 seats in the Senate, and roughly three dozen governorships.

That’s a lot of seats to keep track of, even before we get into the down-ballot races in the states. There will be a lot of candidates. Some will be famous before they ran for office, like Dr. Oz. Others, not so famous. One thing each candidate who does not have a track record of being an anti-Second Amendment extremist in office should get from Second Amendment supporters is an open mind. Even Doctor Oz deserves an open mind from Second Amendment supporters. I AM NOT ENDORSING DR. OZ BY SAYING THIS.

That being said, one thing that seems apparent is that he has emerged from the COVID lockdowns with a new level of skepticism of government overreach and public health “experts.” He’s also repudiated his statements backing the lockdowns. Despite past statements on gun control that raise concerns, perhaps he has evolved similarly.

After all, six years ago, Donald Trump was a celebrity candidate with similarly questionable past statements on gun control.

All he did as President was put three justices on the court who are likely to deal a blow to “may issue” gun laws in less than two years after he left office. It wouldn’t hurt to just ask Dr. Oz a few questions and hear him out while vetting him. If you’re not happy with him, there are other candidates running in the primary.

Now, some unrelated issues may disqualify a candidate for office, even with a good track record on the Second Amendment. Liz Cheney rapidly comes to mind on that front. Adam Kinzinger has resolved the conundrum he created for Second Amendment supporters by retiring. Good riddance to him, and hopefully, we will be able to say the same to Liz Cheney. It should take a lot to reach that point. This will be a big question for Second Amendment supporters to answer in Missouri vis-à-vis former governor Eric Greitens.

We’ve learned lessons from 2021, 2020, and 2018. Some of these lessons came after victories we fought hard for. Others came from defeats that must be learned from. But if those lessons are applied while vetting candidates and keeping an open mind, Second Amendment supporters can defeat anti-Second Amendment extremists via the ballot box at the federal, state, and local levels and secure the Second Amendment for future generations.

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