JP Enterprises JP-5, An AR Revolution In 9mm

U.S.A-( “Oh look, another AR,” I often say sarcastically as a company advertises the next AR wondergun being advertised. Yet when JP Enterprises does new things, I pay attention. They make fascinating rifles, and when we first got a glimpse of the JP-5, I raced to my keyboard to contact JP Enterprises about it. A true, centerfire roller delayed AR in 9mm? Sign me up. It mixes the winning system of the MP5 with the superior ergonomics and design of the AR.

The rollers are installed into the bolt of the gun.

I was sold. When the JP-5 came in, I raced to the range, ready to dispense a pile of brass and lead downrange. Before I get to the range portion, let’s look at the JP-5 and what makes it so unique.

JP5 – Specs and Features

The JP-5 is a roller delayed 9mm semi-automatic rifle. It is a rifle, not a pistol, and features a 14.5-inch barrel topped with a pinned and welded compensator to meet the legal 16-inch requirement. It’s very lightweight at 6.1 pounds has an overall length of 31.5 inches, with the stock collapsed.

The JP5 is a full-length PCC made for PCC Competition.

The JP-5 comes in several configurations, this is the JP-5 competition PCC, but there is also an All-Purpose variant and a Steel Challenge variant of the JP-5, each with different features and price points. The JP-5 utilizes Glock pattern magazines, so they aren’t tough to find and range in capacity and price across the board.

Glock magazines make it easy to feed the gun.

The roller delayed blowback system utilizes two rollers on the bolt that implement the delay necessary to prevent the bolt from opening too early. The implementation of the roller delayed system means there is no heavy buffer required for the gun to operate safely. This keeps the weapon lighter and better balanced.

Competition Ready

JP-5 built this specific model for the competitive market, and the features are outfitted as such. The massive compensator, the huge handguard, the beveled magazine well, and the completely ambidextrous design make the weapon quick and easy to handle. The controls of the gun are set for righties and lefties out of the box with an intuitive and ergonomic.

The JP5 ergonomics are absolutely outstanding.

It snaps to your shoulder and up on target. The JP-5 is insanely easy to shoulder and swing from target to target. It’s an impressive design that’s almost ready out of the box to compete. Toss a red dot on the gun, and you’ll get good to go. The handguard is large, aluminum, and very round. It’s highly ergonomic and implements a few M-LOK slots if you find the need to add accessories.

The JP5 only needs an optic to be ready to shoot.

The big handguard is not ergonomic and comfy but keeps your hand further from the barrel. When you start firing fast and climb up into the high round counts, your hand will be further from the heat of the barrel.

The JP-5 At the Range

The combination of the roller-delayed system and that massive compensator delivers you a very soft shooting weapon. The JP-5 barely moves. It doesn’t jump upwards or rearward very much, and the two make it extremely easy to get the gun on target. Ripping through a string of rapid-fire is easy and accurate. I can keep five rounds fired as fast as possible onto a single 6-inch gong at 25 yards.

The JP5 handles like an absolute dream.

The trigger is super short and absolutely delightful. It aids in making the JP-5 the most accurate PCC I’ve ever handled. Making tiny, tight groups is very easy. The lightweight trigger also helps the gunfire fast due to its short pull and short reset. Out to 100 yards, I dropped rounds with ease into a 10-inch gong.

Hitting smaller targets with consistency isn’t an issue either. Snapshots onto a 4-inch gong proved that as long as I could get the red dot to the gong, I could hit it. JP-5 has helped eliminate the human error in pulling the trigger and handling the gun. The JP-5 certainly feels like a competitive firearm.

Reloading is quick and intuitive even when I suck at it.

It helps you manage the potential human errors you may stumble into when competing. Maybe your stance isn’t the best, but the lack of recoil and muzzle rise helps you control the gun. You might get some sympathetic movement when you pull the trigger, but because the trigger is light, the movement won’t be translated as harshly to where your shot lands.

The JP5 is a pricey rifle, well it’s well worth the cost.

The JP-5 also runs reliably. It eats round after round with little issue. The weapon fire, extracts, and ejects with absolute ease. The weapon never failed me, and I went through several hundred rounds almost as fast as I could.

Delay it…but With Rollers.

The JP-5 is more than just a roller delayed AR9. It’s an extremely well-built firearm that’s completely competent and perfect for PCC competitions. The JP-5 comes ready to rock and roll, and it shows what kind of talent works at JP. It’s no wonder 36% of PCC competitors at the PCC National Championships are using JP rifles.

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