Illegal Aliens & Loopholes Used to Inflate Blocked Gun Sales Stats ~ VIDEO

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USA – -( Everytown for Gun Safety seems happy that 300,000 people were denied their 2nd Amendment right, but the background check system may have used illegal immigrants and other loopholes to do it.

The Democrats are floundering with their long list of failed policies and cognitively declining frontman. So, what do they do when they need support from disheartened Democrat voters? They schedule a big speech by Hunter’s Dad about so-called “gun-violence.” The term is to redirect focus from “human-violence,” but the anti-gun left uses it as often as possible for effect. Just prior to Biden’s big speech, the Associated Press came out with an article implying that 300,000 potential killers were denied guns in 2020.

Of course, all the anti-gun sites pushed the propaganda. Let’s de-bunk the Fake News, shall we?

In 2017, according to the Government Accountability Office (GAO), 112,090 gun purchases were denied with only 12,000 investigations. This indicates that the vast majority of denials were false positives. Of the 112,090 firearm purchase denials, only 12 people who should not have been purchasing a gun were prosecuted. 112,078 good people were denied their 2nd Amendment right for no good reason.

In 2020 the gun grabbers were able to increase the number of denials to 300,000 through the use of unconstitutional red flag laws, misdemeanor crimes, and the often-unjustified protective orders which are common practice and frequently recommended by attorneys during break-ups and divorces. These gun denial loopholes have been in common use but the metric that really allowed for the most “denial-potential” was the increase in illegal immigrants added to the list. The number of illegals ineligible to purchase a gun has nearly doubled since 2010 creating a huge potential for higher denial numbers.

According to the GAO, as of year-end 2019, the largest number of active records, subject to gun purchase denial in the NCIC were “immigration violators,” making up 84% of the denial criteria. Here’s an idea. Close the border! It would seem, the political left not only uses illegal immigrants to increase their number of voters, they also come in handy as high gun denial candidates. aka = propaganda.

More gun purchase denials this year = more support for “universal background checks” next year.

Criminal history records submitted to NICS database in 2019:

  • 84% – Illegal Alien
  • 13.5% – Felony
  • 2.6% – Mental Health Adjudication
  • 1.9% – Other

The Associated Press didn’t even hide the fact that the “felony” denials made up only 42% of the entire number of denials. This means, at least, 58% or 174,000 good people were caught in the net and falsely denied their right to purchase a firearm, potentially putting their lives in danger. We also know, from previous years, that over 99% of all denials go un-prosecuted due to false-positive denial status, which immediately puts the 42% in question. What are the odds that this year, they got it right? How many actual prosecutions will we see? *No data on that yet, but we’ll wait. In 2017, there were only 12.

Shannon Watts and her group of cranky gun-Nazis at Moms Demand don’t care about denial legitimacy, as long as the increase in background check denials continues to climb. Illegitimate denials include: false “red flag” confiscations, unjustified “protection orders,” “illegal alien” purchase attempts, and a whole list of application defects and mistaken identity.

Everytown shared their jubilation on their website: “the denial rate in 2020 was 31% higher than the denial rate in 2019.”

Remember, it’s the numbers they want, regardless of legitimacy. They need people scared so they’ll support the next “universal background check” and gun-registry attempt. They also need the background check system to appear effective.

While the gun grabbers are using gun-denial loopholes, including red flag laws, protection orders, and illegal immigration, to boost denial numbers, they are disarming good people.

The gun-grabbers love the idea that 300,000 people were denied gun purchases in 2020, but they have no regard for the 99+ percent of those people who are falsely denied every year and put in danger because of a failed system. In 2017, only 0.01% of gun purchase denials were actually prosecutable.

The 2nd Amendment is not a privilege.
It’s your right.

Dan Wos
Good Gun Bad Guy
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