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Vickers Guide: Heckler & Koch, Volume 1 (Standard Edition)

The first volume of three books looking at the firearms of Heckler & Koch from Vickers Guide is now shipping. The new series of books was first announced six months ago and in a recent update the publisher confirmed that: “books have arrived at our warehouse and begin shipping on Monday! We appreciate everyone’s patience with this round of pre-orders, and we are excited to see that these books arrived a couple weeks before we expected them!” The Heckler & Koch Vickers Guide books are available in a number of configurations, with the following options available: Standard EditionSignature Edition and Slipcase Edition (unsigned) with MSRP starting at $98.

Vickers Guide @ TFB:

Heckler & Koch Vickers Guide Book Now Shipping

Vickers Guide: Heckler & Koch, Volume 1 (Standard Edition)

Vickers Guide: Heckler & Koch, Volume 1 (Standard Edition)

Here’s what Vickers Guide has to say about the new book:

This First Volume of Vickers Guide: Heckler & Koch is dedicated to the history of Heckler & Koch handguns and showcases their creative and often revolutionary efforts, from those early years to present day. Through multiple visits to the illustrious Heckler & Koch “Gray Room” and a number of private collections, the authors of this book have been able to assemble a comprehensive survey spanning the history of Heckler & Koch pistol production – from the lightweight multi-caliber HK4 to the roller-delayed blowback P9S, from the striker-fired polymer-framed VP70 to the piston-delayed squeeze cocker P7, and across the wide range of modern polymer frame pistols with the USP, P2000, HK45, P30, and VP9.

Featuring 100 different pistols, Vickers Guide: Heckler & Koch (Volume 1) gives the reader a once-in-a-lifetime glimpse into some of the most significant Heckler & Koch pistols produced throughout its long and distinguished history. For the production of this book, Larry Vickers and James Rupley have teamed up with renowned firearms instructor and HK expert James Williamson of Teufelshund Tactical, as well as a number of other subject matter experts, whose cumulative insights allow for an extraordinary and unparalleled presentation.

Vickers Guide: Heckler & Koch (Volume 1) presents this highly curated collection of firearms in never-before-seen detail on larger than life, wide format, full color prints in a premium hardback form. Vickers Guide: Heckler & Koch is the next best thing to having these exceptional collector’s grade firearms in your own personal collection.

Vickers Guide: Heckler & Koch, Volume 1 (Standard Edition)

Find out more at www.vickersguide.com

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