From Archery Amateur to Pro in 180 Days ~ Saar “Storm” Elazar

Saar “Storm” Elazar fell in love with archery as a child. At age 41, he was reintroduced to the sport, and found his calling.

Saar “Storm” Elazar

Brooklyn, New York – -( Saar “Storm” Elazar, age 43, is on the path to show others that no matter your age, you can shoot for the stars. Two years ago, Storm visited a local archery range to spend quality time with his daughters, sharing an experience with them that he loved as a child. As soon as he shot his first arrow, Storm felt that childlike glee again and knew archery was his calling.

“As soon as I opened the door, it was like a movie. Everything clicked into place” says Storm when asked how it felt shooting a bow for the first time in 30+ years.

Storm could have kept archery just a hobby, an escape from his daily life in the city. Instead, he decided to pursue his passion and become the best of the best. Storm is training every day, competing against people younger than him with years more experience. That doesn’t discourage him though. He is determined to achieve his goal of becoming a professional archer.

  • After months of training, Storm attended the Lancaster Archery Classic. He then made it his goal to compete as a pro archer the next year.
  • Storm was shooting makeshift bows in his birthplace of Israel while his competitors were training, dedicating their life to the sport. Now, he wants to show that it is never too late to start pursuing your dreams.

Storm first competed in the Lancaster Archery Classic in 2016. There, he brushed elbows with the best in the sport, which cemented his goal to compete at the professional level someday. The next Lancaster Classic is in January, and that day is coming soon for Storm. He will be documenting his journey from enthusiast to professional over the coming months. Storm isn’t just in it to win it. He wants to show others that the only obstacle standing between themselves and their goals is hard work, determination, and believing you can do anything you set out to do.

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Storm It, Win It! is a concept created by Storm, a professional archer striving for glory and worldwide recognition. This grew from the fundamental idea that if you storm something, you are fully engaged and committed. This commitment will lead you to achieve the goals you set and win the day.

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