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Foxtrot Mike released their 16″ FM15 upper receiver/rife a couple months back in spring and customers immediately requested a shorter barreled version of it. The company has just introduced the new FM15 12.5 upper receiver! The new 12.5-inch upper is very similar in nature to the 16″ version in that it still retains its non-reciprocating charging handle, low-mass bolt carrier, nested recoil spring assembly, and interlocking gas key and proprietary patent-pending integrated recoil system. Full details on the new pistol/SBR are below.

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Foxtrot Mike Introduces the FM15 12.5 Pistol or SBR Upper Receiver

Foxtrot Mike Introduces the FM15 12.5 Pistol/SBR Upper Receiver

Foxtrot Mike has partnered with Classic Firearms to provide this C.F. exclusive AR-15 pistol and we are mighty proud of it. The FMP5.56-GEN2-12.5B is a semi-automatic AR-style pistol chambered in .223 Wylde so it accepts, chambers, and fires both .223 Remington and 5.56 NATO flawlessly. This AR pistol is unique in the marketplace due to its many high-end features that simply cannot be found elsewhere at anywhere near this price point. This stunning pistol features a patented 4-position non-reciprocating front charging handle, a one-piece aluminum charging trolley, a nestled recoil spring assembly, a low-mass bolt carrier, and a mid-length gas system with an interlocking gas key and a proprietary patent-pending integrated recoil system. This piston-driven, bufferless system generally provides for a cooler-running, more reliable operational platform that helps reduce the points of failure that are often found in the traditional AR platform. This pistol is built with a Gen 2 billet aluminum monolithic-style upper receiver and premium billet lower receiver serving as its foundation. This Foxtrot Mike pistol also utilizes a match grade 41v50 12.5″ barrel with 1:8 twist that is surrounded by a beautiful 11.75″ M-LOK handguard. It also features a USGI Mil-spec trigger and comes complete with (1) Mission First Tactical Mod 2 30-round magazine, full-length top Picatinny rail, ambidextrous safety selector, and (3) M-LOK forend attachments for improved grip. This AR pistol is completed with a type III hard black anodized finish, SBA3 brace, A2 grip, and A2 flash hider. Foxtrot Mike products utilize the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes to deliver cutting-edge products to consumers at an attractive price.

Foxtrot Mike Introduces the FM15 12.5 Pistol or SBR Upper Receiver

12.5″ ARs are just about the sweet spot for getting decent effectiveness out of the 5.56 cartridge without sacrificing too much velocity or having the weapon be too large to fit into smaller spaces. The addition of a folding brace or stock also gives people the ability to stow the weapon in a more compact space making for easy transport and quick deployment. The New Foxtrot Mike FM15 12.5 upper receiver is available now through Classic Firearms as a pistol and costs $949.99 from their website.

Foxtrot Mike Introduces the FM15 12.5 Pistol or SBR Upper Receiver

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