Developing A Doctrine Of Treason In America


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New York – -( s we maintained in our first article posted on Ammoland, “Does the Biden Administration’s Assault on the Second Amendment Amount to Treason,” one should be circumspect in the application of ‘Treason’—this so there is no mistake in our understanding of the import of it, lest we dilute its significance—attaching the dire duo labels of ‘Treason’ and ‘TRAITOR’ to those who never warranted it, but happened nonetheless to be branded with it, and crucified for it.

And we know whereof we speak: Donald Trump, and those closest to him, those who assisted him in his run for the U.S. Presidency, including Cabinet-level Officers; close friends and associates; even members of his own family have branded and crucified the 45th U.S. President and those connected closely to him. And now with Trump out-of-office—whether the loss of a Second Term was due to a fair and disappointing election outcome, or chicanery of the highest order, those who replaced Donald Trump with a National embarrassment, in the form of a corrupt and senile shell of a man, one, Joseph Biden, must continue with the charade.

The forces that crush a Nation and its people into submission now focus their attention on one-third of the population that supported the “Make America Great” agenda that sought to reset the Nation’s course back toward the vision of the founders of the Republic.

Through an orchestrated program of deflection, distraction, and diversion the Nation’s Obstructors and Destructors who control the legacy Press and social media draw the public’s attention away from Federal Government policies designed to dismantle the Republic in clear violation of and defiance to the U.S. Constitution. All in an effort channel the public’s reasonable, rational concern to the Nation’s Dissenters—those Americans who seek to preserve the Nation as a free Constitutional Republic—treating true Patriots as improbable Traitors, and treating possible Traitors as improbable Patriots. And this topsy-turvy elaborate propaganda campaign reflects the Founders’ gravest concerns, their most deep-seated fears.

The Founders were well aware that unscrupulous, usurpers of the sovereign authority of the American people would damage, and bring to utter ruin the lives and character of innocent people, and do for any of multiple reasons: anger and rage; spite and jealousy, or even for no other reason than political expediency or perceived political exigency.

“English treason law influenced America’s founding fathers as they crafted the U.S. Constitution. Specifically, America’s founders wished to develop a treason doctrine that—unlike English treason doctrine—could not be used to suppress political adversaries.” United States v. Hodges: Developments of Treason and the Role of the Jury, 97 Denver L. Rev. 117, by Jennifer Elisa Chapman, Jennifer Elisa Chapman, Ryan H. Easley Research Fellow, University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law.

The Study Of Treason Is The Study Of History

“The study of treason is really the study of history. No other constitutional provision is as deeply rooted in English history as the Treason Clause. William Blackstone wrote that treason ‘imports a betraying, treachery, or breach of faith.’ Treason Blackstone further noted that treason against the sovereign—termed ‘high treason’—amounts to the ‘highest civil crime.’ Due to the gravity of the offense, the crime of treason must therefore be precisely ascertained. ‘For if the crime of high treason be indeterminate, this alone . . . is sufficient to make the Government degenerate into arbitrary power.’

“Treason is the highest crime known to law. It is more serious than even murder: the murderer violates a single person or at most only a few, whereas treason cuts at the welfare and safety of all members of society. And the punishment for treason has always underscored the gravity of the offense.

The Founders were deeply concerned about the misuse of treason by a rogue Government that would use “treason” for unlawful, nefarious purposes.

If there be Treason in our midst, we must recognize the legal contours and parameters of it in the manner the founders of our Republic intended for it to be used, as elucidated further in case law. Thus, before we apply it, we must be reasonably sure of our case against those we deem to have committed it. And, once assured of the efficacy of our case, proceed forward aggressively forward, to bring those charged with treason to account for their treacherous actions against the Nation and its people.

Let us be clear. It is not enough to say, for example, that such individuals in Government that have committed treason should simply resign from their posts or should, if they refuse to resign, then be fired.

Several media pundits deplore the actions of Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken; Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin; White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan; General Mark A. Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; General Kenneth F. McKenzie, Director of Strategic Plans and Policy on the Joint Staff. And, these media pundits have voiced, vociferously, their anger over the manner in which these individuals handled the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan—a complete debacle and have demanded Biden fire these people, starting with General Milley. But that is really just about as far as they will go. And, Biden, for his part, not unsurprisingly, stated his support for General Milley and others.

Nonetheless, some media pundits in the last couple of days, at least on Fox News, have even made reference to “treason.” See, e.g., episode on Tucker Carlson. None of them has suggested impeachment of any of Biden’s people except, perhaps, in a couple of instances pertaining to Biden himself, and, even so, no one in the Fox Press Corps, or in any other media organization that we are aware of, has suggested that Biden himself should be impeached specifically for the crime of “Treason.”

But what has taken place in Afghanistan under Biden’s watch, and the many devastating, deadly, horrific repercussions from that debacle which are just beginning to play out in Afghanistan and here in the U.S. and that are having a ripple effect around the globe, cannot be simply wallpapered over through mere resignations or firings of Biden officials even if Biden were to do so.

Americans are witnessing precisely what was meant to happen, is meant to happen, a meticulously contrived, and executed series of scenes and acts of a monstrous Shakespearian Play. Be it comedy or tragedy depends on one’s perspective. But it is all preplanned, and prearranged, carried out sequentially, having commenced with a flurry of executive orders and actions designed to unravel the order and stability Trump had brought for our Nation, and, by extension, this order and stability that Trump had brought for the world.

We, at the Arbalest Quarrel, are going under the assumption that, whether by sheer ineptitude and incompetence, high officials of the Harris-Biden Administration—and this must include Joe Biden himself, and any and all secret handlers that had a hand in this, and we look at one example here. A real “cluster f**k” that transpired at Kabul airport involving the drawdown of American troops in Afghanistan and the deaths of Americans during that drawdown—Did Do what they intended To-Do. Even if the consequences of their actions were not what they had in mind, can those policy decisions support a legal finding of Treason of any one or all of them. And we will look at other policy decisions and the execution of those decisions as well.

Through all that we do in the articles to follow, we ask that you etch in your mind the following, for we will be constantly coming back to it:

Article 3, Section 3, Clause 1

“Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.
And, “18 U.S. Code § 2381 – Treason,”

The third part of our series on treason follows forthwith.

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