Could Constitutional Carry Reach a Tipping Point?

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A new bill proposed by Republican Representative Anthony Sabatini is getting pushback from some Republicans. IMG iStock-639028308

USA – -( A new bill proposed by Republican Representative Anthony Sabatini is getting pushback from some Republicans. The bill HB 103 would allow Florida residents 18 years and older to carry a handgun open or concealed without a license in Florida. This is commonly known as Constitutional Carry.

There are currently 21 Constitutional Carry states including Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming. If passed, HB 103 would make Florida the 22nd. Alabama could soon be joining them.

It would seem, the desire for more guns in the belts or purses of good guys and gals is gaining in popularity. This shouldn’t surprise anyone after witnessing the devastating riots, looting, arson and violence of 2020 in cities across America by radical left-wing terror groups. Of course, there will always be pushback on any pro-gun measures by Democrats, but in this case, even some Republicans are trying to thwart the efforts of Representative Sabatini by continuing to make Florida residents acquire a government-issued permission slip to exercise their right.

The bill’s sponsor wrote this on Twitter:

“Meanwhile here in Florida, Anti-2A ‘Republicans’ in the Legislature REFUSE to allow my Constitutional Carry Bill to move forward.”

Sabatini has filed his bill several times since his election to the house in 2018. Matt Collins, Director of Legislation for Florida Gun Rights has been a strong supporter of the bill and is quoted as saying,

“There’s no excuse for the Florida Legislature to delay the passage of HB 103, Constitutional Carry. With Governor DeSantis on board, and self-proclaimed pro-gun Republicans in control of both chambers, law-abiding gun owners in Florida deserve to see their elected officials restore gun-rights in 2022.”

Over 10% of the population in Florida hold concealed carry licenses and with the nickname “The Gunshine State,” it’s safe to say, that should Constitutional Carry pass, that percentage could quickly double and Florida could soon be the safest place on Earth.

Besides the vast support for Constitutional Carry and the typical anti-freedom opposition, there was one interesting thing to note. Florida’s Governor DeSantis seems to be in favor of the bill. In a brief six-second video shared by the National Association for Gun Rights, Governor DeSantis can be heard saying “of course” after being asked if he would support Constitutional Carry in Florida. The video was recorded on December 3rd at a reception at the Governor’s Mansion.

Good luck Florida and Mr. Sabatini. Let’s get that bill to the Governor’s desk.

The 2nd Amendment is not a privilege.
It’s your right.

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