Chipman & Gun Bans Off the Political Table as Biden Arms Terrorists

Chipman & Gun Bans Likely Off the Political Table as Biden Arms Afghanistan Terrorist

USA – -( It took Joe Biden just seven months to cripple this country’s economy, security and world credibility.

[With the Afghanistan disater], Biden lost the moral authority he needs to govern, as well as the respect of voters, foreign leaders, and the mainstream media, who have finally stopped asking about his daily dose of ice-cream and turned their attention to issues of real consequence. The Atlantic published a story Sunday titled “Biden’s betrayal of Afghans will live in infamy.” MSNBC called the rout “Biden’s disastrous Afghanistan charade,” and even a news actor at CNN admitted that the Taliban’s blitzkrieg caught the Biden-Harris administration “flat-footed.”

Biden’s ineptness has turned this great nation into a laughingstock overseas, which the Chinese communists are already exploiting as a propaganda tool to stamp out dissent in Hong Kong. More of our enemies will likely follow since a president’s foibles are always an enemy propagandist’s dream.

While Biden wants to ban American citizens from owning pistol braces and semi-autos, he has armed at least a division of bloodthirsty terrorists with real assault rifles, handguns, heavy and light machineguns, grenade launchers, precision rifles, artillery, tanks, armored vehicles of all types, both fixed and rotary-wing aircraft and sophisticated night vision, missiles, and drones.

American War Weapons Lost in Afghanistan
American War Weapons Lost in Afghanistan

Our former Afghan allies – those brave souls that took a chance on us and worked with our troops – are so desperate to flee from the well-armed and up-armored Taliban that some even clung to the wheels of departing C-17s, only to plummet to their deaths as the aircraft gained speed and altitude. Their fears are well-founded. Taliban terrorists are going door-to-door confiscating privately-owned firearms and searching for anyone who supported our troops, as well as brides for their fighters.

As international pressure for Biden to comment increased, he finally cut his umpteenth vacation short, rushed back to the White House and brazenly told the American people that the fault for the Afghan rout was not his. Instead, Biden blamed the Afghan leaders for fleeing the country, the Afghan military for lacking the will to fight, and of course Donald Trump.

A defiant and angry-looking Biden said, “The truth is, this did unfold more quickly than we anticipated.”

It’s not difficult to understand how the Taliban insurrection could have blindsided Biden, who spent most of his time in office pushing an unpopular domestic agenda rather than looking for threats overseas. Biden focused solely on diversity issues, COVID-19 mandates and gun control, including a nominee to lead the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, David Chipman, whom even members of Biden’s own party found distasteful.

Alan M. Gottlieb, the Second Amendment Foundation’s founder and executive vice president, says that out of the swirling chaos may come a silver lining for American gun owners.

“The silver lining might be that there’s such a mess going on, they won’t have time to put through their anti-gun agenda, because right now they have so much other stuff on their plate,” Gottlieb said Sunday night on Armed American Radio.

“Gun control may not be anywhere near the front burner for Biden now because of all the other problems he’s got to worry about,” Gottlieb said. “Right now, we’ve got it bottled up … A lot of gun owners got engaged early to stop the gun-ban agenda.”

He also predicts the Senate will reject Chipman.

“Now, I think it’s actually 60/40 that we’re going to defeat the nomination,” he said.

Still, Gottlieb remains cautious.

“I don’t want anybody to slow down, or to give anybody a sense of ease yet. All it takes is one incident – one big media barrage – and bingo, anything can pass,” he said. “I’m really proud of the Second Amendment/gun rights movement now. We’re pulling out all the stops we can, but we’ve still got a long way to go to get Biden out of the White House.”

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