Blackfire LED Visor Cap Light

The BLACKFIRE LED VISOR CAP LIGHT gives you a lot more freedom than when you’re wearing a headlamp.

U.S.A.-( When headlamps came out years ago, they were the rage. (Actually, the old miners had the carbon headlights years ago but they were finicky). And rightfully so. Finally, a hands-free light had hit the market. No matter where you looked, the light was shining at where you were looking at. The only bad deal is that I’m always wearing a cap. So that meant that I had to put it on backward or the bill was in the way.

Blackfire LED Visor Cap Light

So do I use headlamps? Of course. I haven’t counted but I probably have 4-6 of them. But to me the downside of them is that I have to wear my cap backward to use them. I think that I’m going to start using the BLACKFIRE LED Visor Cap Light. I would say that the only downside that I see is that it is a little heavy but then as compared to some of my headlamps it is only about half as heavy.

To use the BLACKFIRE LED Visor Cap Light is simple. It has a clip on the bottom that clips onto the bill of your cap. (Put the clip on the bottom side of your bill). To activate the light, click the black button on top of the lamp. One-click and the bright beam comes on. Click once more and it goes to the low beam setting and then click a third time and the lamp shuts off.

The BLACKFIRE LED Visor Cap Light would work great for when you’re hiking down a trail in the dark. You want your hands free in case you have to grab your pistol if you stumble on top of a bear, wolf or cougar. Then of course you’ll also want a good hand-held flashlight in case a cougar is stalking you so you can blind him for a second and get a clear shot.

The good deal with the BLACKFIRE LED Visor Cap Light is that it will fit on any hat with a brim, whether it is a cap or a cowboy hat. And while speaking of cowboy hats, if you’re riding in at night you probably don’t want to be wildly waving around a bright flashlight or you’ll blind your horse. But if you’re like me you do want to be able see a little bit. That’s where a cap light comes in handy.

I remember one year we’d packed back into the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness Area. Our buddy Brian was supposed to have met us in camp for supper that night but we’d come in from hunting, ate dinner and the fire was dying down and we were about to slip to our tents and go to bed. As the fire was dying down, we were about to go and Shawn said what is that. It looked like a dim light over on the trail.

Turns up it was Brian on his horse pulling along a packhorse. He had a small headlamp on and would have passed our camp but happened to notice the embers glowing from our dying fire. I learned from him then that don’t panic, your horse can see fine in the dark but it will bring you a little comfort to have on a headlamp of some kind so you can see oncoming limbs that might slap you in the face or knock you off of your horse.

The MSRP on the BLACKFIRE LED Visor Cap Light is $19.99 and as is usual, we will close with the specs.

  • COMPACT: Contoured design clips easily onto cap or visor
  • BRIGHT LIGHT: Activate LED flood light on high at 100 lumens or low at 40 lumens
  • RUNTIME: 8 hours on low, 4 hours on high
  • ANGLED LIGHT: Pivoting head allows light angles between 0-62°
  • DURABLE: High impact ABS construction has a drop protection to 10-feet (3 meters)
  • BATTERIES: 2xAAA batteries included
  • Special Features: 62 Degree Light Position
  • Overall Length: 2.6”
  • Overall Height: 1.2”
  • Overall Width: 2.3”
  • Material: ABS, Soft Touch
  • Lumens: High: 100; Low: 40
  • Bulb Type: LED
  • Battery Life: High: 4 hrs; Low: 8 hrs
  • Batteries: 2x AAA
  • Temperature Range: Operating: -20˚ to 120˚F (-29˚ to 49˚C)
  • Drop Protection: 10′
  • Weight: 2.1 oz

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