Biden’s Record Setting Confirmation Of Judges, Gun Control & the Terror Watch List

Update and comments below from John R Lott.

Two million people on the Terror Watch List and most have nothing to do with terror?    IMG iStock-uzenzen

USA – -( I had an op-ed in the Washington Times with Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY), co-chair of Congress’ Second Amendment Caucus, on the massive increase in the number of people listed on the Terror Watch List.

With 2 million names now on the list, there is the real danger that Democrats will again try to ban the purchase of guns by people on the list. Not only are people who have nothing to do with terrorism put on the list, but the data shows that none of the people on the list who bought guns in the past have committed any crimes. Democrats tried adding an amendment to the 2015 and 2016 budgets, but Republicans in control of the Senate and House thwarted their efforts. Unfortunately, with the Democrats now controlling both Congress and the presidency and using reconciliation to pass their spending bills, they won’t need a single Republican vote to enact a budget with such a regulation this time. I discussed these issues on television and several radio shows, including the Michigan Talk Network, Vicki McKenna Show covering Wisconsin, and the national Armed American Radio.

An hour-long interview that I did on the national Tom Sullivan Radio Show is worth a listen, covering a broad range of crime issues from the importance of policing and prosecution to the death penalty to Biden’s gun control push to the monopoly power by big tech.

Another op-ed of mine pointed out how Biden is getting radical judges confirmed to both the Circuit and District courts at more than twice the rate of any president since at least Richard Nixon.

The piece also illustrated the extremes to which Democrats are willing to go to achieve their policy goals. The discussion of how the Democrats on the Supreme Court thought that the CDC could have unlimited power to do anything that might have something to do with “public health” sure foreshadowed Biden’s argument this last week to enforce a vaccine mandate. Fortunately, the Republican majority on the court stopped them.

A third op-ed went outside my usual range of issues and pointed out how Biden’s numbers regarding the number of Americans stranded in Afghanistan didn’t add up. Using Biden’s statements, the number of Americans left is between 2.5 to 6 times more than he claimed.

Other radio interviews covered a wide range of gun control issues (St Louis’s giant 100,000-watt KLJY) and how liberal crime policies have caused the increase in crime (the Michigan Talk Network and the Joe Catenacci show).

In case you missed it, C-SPAN’s Book TV replayed an interview that I did with them seven times, most recently on August 29th. I think that that it went well and got a lot of useful points across. I would greatly appreciate it if you could take some time to watch it.

We have also gotten back to collecting our cases where people legally carrying guns used them in self-defense (December 2020 and January 2021). We should be catching up soon on this.

It is necessary to point out that Biden has a pattern of falsely claiming that he visited with people after Mass Public Shootings.

Finally, as an economist, I can’t help but comment on the exploding debt our country is facing. Exactly a year ago, the Congressional Budget Office estimated that we wouldn’t hit $29 trillion in debt until 2028, but we are now within a couple of weeks of hitting it, seven years early. With estimates that we will hit debt of $40 trillion in a couple of years and $50 trillion by 2030, people need to understand what happens as interest rates increase. We are at historically low-interest rates, and if the debt is $40 trillion, each one percentage point increase in the interest rate means increased interest payments of $400 billion per year. The CBO estimates the interest rate will remain below 2 percent until 2027. Good luck with that. I did many radio shows on this, including the national The Silk or Joe Show, Denver’s KVOR, and a St. Louis’ KFTK-FM.

I am working on a long-term project on vote fraud, but the work will easily take several months. I don’t want to get your hopes up too much, but the initial data looks astounding. It is hard to work on a project like that at the same time I am dealing with interviews and op-eds, but I will do my best.

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