Below The Radar: Counseling Not Criminalization in Schools Act

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United States – -( Legislation doesn’t have to mention firearms to have the potential to deliver a substantial hit to our Second Amendment rights. In fact, one bill has no mention of firearms at all, but could lead to serious attacks on our rights as a consequence of the policy it would form.

The Counseling Not Criminalization in Schools Act, known as S 2125 and HR 4011 in the Senate and House of Representatives, respectively, pose a hidden but near-existential threat to our right to keep and bear arms. The Senate version was sponsored by Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut, an avowed enemy of our Second Amendment rights. The House version is being sponsored by Representative Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts.

You might be wondering how this bill that doesn’t even mention firearms can be a threat to our Second Amendment rights. That’s a very understandable question to ask. What this bill does is prohibit the use of federal grant funds for hiring police officers to station those officers at schools. In a sense, it is similar to the Secure Communities, and Safe Schools Act from the last Congress, which prohibited the use of federal grants to support teachers who took training to be armed.

You might be asking why this places our Second Amendment rights at risk. It’s a good question. To get the answer to that question, one has to just look at the horrific shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Police took about ten minutes to arrive – a total of 600 seconds. You know what that body count was, and you also know just what that shooting did in terms of being a recruiting tool for Bloomberg and his anti-Second Amendment extremist agenda.

Compare that to the West Freeway Church of Christ incident. Armed parishioners on the scene ended the threat in less than ten seconds. Bumbling cowards of Broward County aside, most cops on the scene of a potential mass shooting would tend to act very quickly. At Columbine, an armed police officer on the scene saved lives.

In this day and age, creating “gun free” zones is an unmitigated piece of weapons-grade idiocy in the most charitable interpretation. Delaying the introduction of appropriately equipped people to address a would-be mass shooter will only increase the body count. Good for the recruiting efforts of anti-Second Amendment extremist groups, but not for anyone else.

Second Amendment supporters need to contact their Representative and Senators and politely urge them to oppose S 2125 and HR 4011, and instead urge them to support efforts that will really secure schools, including allowing teachers to carry firearms. In addition, anti-Second Amendment extremists need to be defeated at the ballot box at the federal, state, and local levels.

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