ATF Report Smearing Home Gunmakers Shows Big Failure By 2A Supporters

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Hollywood/United States – -( Second Amendment supporters are rightly offended by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives report that the Second Amendment Foundation recently blew the whistle on in an e-mail alert smearing those who make their own firearms. If anything, it shows the blatant disregard for our Second Amendment rights that the Biden-Harris regime has.

But it also represents, in one way, a massive failure by pro-Second Amendment groups and Second Amendment supporters across the board. In the past 35 years, we have greatly improved the situation overall. We went from few states even offering a fair system for concealed carry to 20 states going to constitutional carry. We’ve seen the Supreme Court set the groundwork for ultimately upholding rulings like those of Judge Benitez, especially with a pro-Second Amendment majority on the court – not counting Chief Justice Roberts.

But much of this may not matter. Why? Because Bloomberg and his stooges have been left to spread anti-Second Amendment extremism via pop culture. Let’s take one metric into account: The NA has about 840,000 followers on Twitter. The Second Amendment Foundation has a bit over 32,000. GOA has a little under 196,000. This site has just under 83,000.

Kim Kardashian, who used a Celebrity Family Feud appearance to raise money for Bloomberg’s Everytown anti-Second Amendment extremist group, has just under 70 million followers. To put that into perspective, that is anywhere from 12 to 14 times the number of members the NRA, the largest pro-Second Amendment organization, has (depending on estimates). Alyssa Milano, who has engaged in plenty of anti-Second Amendment extremism, has about 3.6 million followers, or more than twice the membership of GOA (1.5 million, give or take). They are not the only folks in Hollywood/pop culture attacking our rights, either. Even CMT has signed on with Bloomberg’s bull.

Put it this way, while we rightly fought in the political/legislative arena, our enemies – and yes, the anti-Second Amendment extremists like Bloomberg and the politicians he backs are enemies – went to work with pop culture. In essence, Hollywood provides portrayals of firearm use that are unrealistic when used by heroes (just about any “gun-fu” flick violates basic firearms safety rules), but which are often peddling blood libels when it comes to private ownership.

And it matters. The fact of the matter is that pop culture matters. When the fight for our freedoms is becoming a full-spectrum fight that includes pop culture, corporate boardrooms, Silicon Valley cubicles, and even your doctor’s office, Second Amendment supporters need to play some serious catch-up for the court rulings to have a fighting chance.

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