At Work and at Home – Self Defense Gun Stories

At Work and at Home – Self Defense Gun Stories

U.S.A. -( You probably didn’t see these stories covered by the mainstream news media, but again last week, responsible gun owners defended themselves and the people they love. Self-defense instructor Ben Branam joins the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast to look at four new examples. Were these gun owners lucky, or did they have a plan? (22-minute audio)

First story- Do you have a firearm nearby when you’re in bed?

You’re asleep at home with your wife. You live behind your barbershop. You’re both startled awake by the sound of breaking glass at about 4:30 in the morning. You grab your firearm. You check that no one is in your home. Then you hear someone opening the cash register in your shop. A second later, the intruder walks into your home. You shout for him to stop. He moves toward you and raises his hand to hit you. You shoot him. Now he stops. You step back and call the police.

Police arrest your attacker. You give a brief statement to the police. Your attacker broke in through a window in your shop because your front door was locked and shuttered. The intruder also broke an outside light so he could work in the dark. Police tow away the intruder’s car. You are not charged with a crime.

Second Story- Are you armed at work?

It is between 5 and 6 am. You’re working in the back room at a subway sandwich shop preparing food for the day. The shop is near two major roads and open all night. You hear one of your co-workers yell from the front of the shop. You look through the doorway and see your co-worker with her arms in the air and a man pointing a pistol at her. You own a gun. You’re armed today. You present your firearm and shoot the attacker until he turns away. The attacker runs outside and drops his firearm. You and your co-worker step into the back room and call the police.

You speak to the police when they arrive. They find your attacker outside and say he died. You read in the news that the attacker’s gun was a pellet pistol. You’re not charged.

Third story- Do you have a gun nearby when you’re woken up in the middle of the night?

It is after midnight when you’re woken up by a knock at your door. You’re not expecting guests at this hour, so you bring your revolver with you. You ask who is there. You hear two men outside, but can’t understand what they are saying. They shake the knob and rattle the door. You open the door to tell them to stop. They spray you with mace. You shoot them. They run away and you close and lock the door. Then you call the police.

Police find one of your attackers dead on your porch. They put other patrol units in your area. They arrest two men nearby. One of them has blood on his shirt. They give conflicting stories. They are arrested for outstanding warrants. They are later charged with first-degree burglary, third-degree assault, and felony murder. Your robbers had over a dozen felony charges from prior crimes.

Fourth story- Are you armed in public?

You’re getting out of your truck at the gym where you exercise. It is just before noon when you see two employees from the gym talking to a homeless man. The homeless man is upset and reaches into one of his bags. He shouts that they are going to die today. He pulls out a handgun and shoots one of the gym employees.

You own a gun. You take your gun from your gym bag and shoot the attacker. The attacker shoots back. You keep shooting. You’re hit, but the attacker is down. Store employees call 911.

Emergency Medical Services take you to the hospital for treatment. You’re expected to recover. You talk to the police. Later you find out that the attacker was a homeless man living in the parking lot. He wanted money back from his gym membership and was unhappy with his refund. He murdered the store manager in front of you. He is facing murder charges if he survives his injuries.

A discussion of each story is at the Self Defense Gun Stories podcast webpage.

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