Armed Property Manager Stops Mass Killing in Syracuse

Reported scene of Demetrius Jackson shooting  in Syracuse, New York, Google Maps

U.S.A.-( At about 2:30 pm on Tuesday, August 31, 2021 near 1808 Lodi Street in Syracuse New York, a 29-year-old man threatened a crowd of people with a 9mm handgun. When they did not comply, he started firing into the group. From

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Demetrius Jackson, the man killed in the Lodi Street shooting on Tuesday, was in possession of a loaded 9mm handgun while outside of 1808 Lodi Street, District Attorney William Fitzpatrick said.

Jackson threatened multiple people at the location and fired the loaded handgun in the direction of those people, officials said.

Another man, who was on scene and in possession of a 9mm handgun returned fire striking and killing Jackson, Fitzpatrick said. According to Fitzpatrick, this man has a valid pistol permit for the 9mm handgun.

The District Attorney said in a statement that based on preliminary investigation, it appears the man who shot Jackson saved the lives of several individuals.

The man who stopped the attack by shooting Demetrius Jackson is reported to be the property manager, Richard Morose. He is 39 years old. It is not easy to shoot back accurately while being fired upon. From

Syracuse, NY — A Syracuse property manager has been identified as the person who shot and killed a 28-year-old man the Tuesday after the man allegedly fired a gun of his own at multiple people.

The property manager, Richard Morose, was at 1808 Lodi St. when he pulled a legally possessed 9mm handgun and killed Demetris Jackson, the Onondaga County District Attorney’s Office said Thursday in a news release.

Morose shot Demetrius in the head. Both combatants are reported as using 9mm handguns. We do not know what the distance was. It appears Demetrius did not fire any more shots at the multiple threatened individuals, once he was hit.

It has been reported Demetrius did not live at the Lodi address. The incident is under investigation.

This is not a case of an armed Samaritan, because Richard Morose was one of those being attacked. It remains to be seen if this incident will be included in the FBI database of mass shootings stopped by armed citizens. is reporting Morose and others have been receiving threats and property damage.

During the ongoing investigation, Morose and others at the scene have received threats and “suffered property damage in what appears to be retaliation,” the release added.

There is often more to the story. There may be a domestic connection or criminal affiliations. The ongoing investigation should determine if those connections exist.

It is much easier to obtain a permit to carry a pistol in upstate New York than it is in New York City. It may become easier in New York City when the case concerning carry outside the home is decided by the United States Supreme Court next year. Oral arguments for the New York Rifle & Pistol Association case are scheduled for early November of 2021.

There may be situations in which the defense of self and others is more justified than when an armed attacker is firing at a group of people, but they are not many. If the situation is found to be as initially described, this is a clear example as one of the many cases where armed defenders saved lives.

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