Anti-Gunners Favorite Lie: Don’t Worry, We’re Not Going to Take Away Your Guns

Anti-Gunners Favorite Lie: Don’t Worry, We’re Not Going to Take Away Your Guns

USA – -( The anti-gun crowd will use several different strategies to change the narrative around guns, and encourage as many people as possible to join them in spreading irrational gun fear. Sometimes, bold terms are used to influence unsuspecting victims. We’ve all heard the scary terms, Assault-Weapon, Weapons of War, High-Capacity, Wild West, and the big daddy term “Gun Violence.” We know there’s no such thing as “gun violence,” only human violence, but the anti-gun crowd doesn’t want to talk about “human violence” because they know that it would reflect poorly on the policies they support.

Human violence in America is primarily a result of bad Government policies such as bail reform, early prisoner release, gang-related violence, sanctuary cities, open borders, welfare dependency, and so on. All things, the gun-grabbers would prefer you didn’t think about. Instead, it’s much better for them to attach all human violence to guns. That way, the scrutiny, and blame can be placed on the one thing they would most like to see removed from society. Guns. Focusing on guns keeps the attention off their own failures such as New York Appointed Democrat Governor Hochul’s release of 191 Rikers detainees under the guise of “health and safety risks to the inmates.”

In order to keep the façade of “gun violence” alive, bold terms and accusations must be used, but the most insidious psychological tricks are often those which go unnoticed. What are some of the subtle ways in which the anti-gunners influence the conversation? Have you ever heard them say, “don’t worry, we’re not going to take away your guns” in conversation? There are a couple of assumptions within this statement that the gun-grabbers hope will be influential.

The first part of the statement, “don’t worry,” is used to accomplish the exact opposite of what it appears to intend. When you hear someone say “don’t worry,” what is the first thing you do? Exactly! You worry. It’s like saying, “don’t think of a pink elephant.” you can’t help but envision a pink elephant because your brain is always in problem-solving mode. The statement, “don’t worry, we’re not going to take away your guns,” is used to evoke an instant, fearful reaction and put gun owners in a defensive position. What better mindset would you want your opponent to be in during a debate? The answer is, a fearful, reactive one. “Don’t worry” does it every time.

There’s also another assumption within that statement that often goes unnoticed. Take one more look at the statement. “Don’t worry, we’re not going to take away your guns.” The assumption is that they “can” take away your guns. The idea behind this part of the statement is to convince you with this subtle implication that the gun-grabbers have leverage over your Second Amendment and can take away your guns whenever they want. But don’t worry, they’re not going to. So, you’re safe. For now. How nice of them. When the anti-gun crowd uses this type of rhetoric, they are trying to gain psychological leverage over gun owners. They are trying to put gun-owners in a defensive and subservient position psychologically. Of course, they’ll pretend that they’re trying to put you at ease but what they’re really saying is, “you should be very scared because we are able to take away your guns and we have every intention of doing so.”

The truth is, they’re trying to scare you and they’re doing it because they can’t break through the 2nd Amendment wall and it frustrates the hell out of them.

When political opponents can’t win legally, changing societal perception is used. In this case, they know they can’t come to your house and personally take your guns but if they can make you fear the thought of it while perpetuating the notion that “they can,” they believe they can break your will. They believe, in the long game of gun control, this will serve them.

In response to, “don’t worry, we’re not going to take away your guns,” we might want to play their own game and remind them that, “we know you’re scared of guns, but don’t worry, we’re not going to make you carry one.” The more we know about how the anti-gun crowd thinks, the better equipped we will be in shutting them down or helping them understand just how badly they’ve been misled.

The 2nd Amendment is not a privilege. It’s your right.

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