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USA – -( Special thanks to Derek LeBlanc from Kids S.A.F.E. Foundation for this interview. He connected me with Brian and let me borrow his truck for the show!

I was able to meet with Brian at the Aero Precision headquarters in Tacoma, WA. We set everything up and headed out to talk about Brian all things Aero Precision. We also talk about the new gun owners the past year and a half has given us.

Brian grew up hunting in eastern Washington, hunting pheasants, deer, and elk, just like many people in Washington and really enjoyed the outdoors growing up. He still hunts with his dad for some family bonding time. He went to college for marketing and graphic designing, wanting to make pretty things and make people see them.

Aero Precision has made some changes to their website so it’s easier to find parts that are in stock.

Aero Precision started in the aerospace industry. They’re only 25 years old, making parts for airplanes, but switched to rifle parts over the years. They focus on AR parts for the at home AR builders, with their bread and butter is lower and upper receivers. They ship to consumers as well as gun stores and online stores. Of course, the serialized lowers must be shipped to dealers and not direct to consumers. And anything that isn’t serialized can go right to consumers.

We also talk about some of the things that are a little specific to Washington state. We were certainly able to commerizate since we live in ‘occupied territory’ states. There are some items that Aero Precision cannot ship to, due to the state laws. We also cover why the last year and a half has been important to America as well as gun owners and why we have millions of new gun owners. And as these new gun owners are learning and working through owning and using a firearm, Aero Precision is going to be there, helping and supplying them along the way.

We also talk about some of the newer products that Aero Precision has on the market, notably the EPC, Enhanced Pistol Caliber. Brain tells us that Aero has been planning on a move and putting their HQ, shipping, and manufacturing under one building. Aero has been growing and they’re one of the largest employers in the Tacoma area. While moving their 70+ CNC machines from one building to another, they’re planning on maintaining manufacturing.

Brian and I also talk about what we’ve done to help teach our friends and neighbors about firearms. We’ve both talked to folks and then realized that they were “closet gun owners”. We also talk about how important it is to teach our children about firearm safety, which is a great tie in with Derek and Kids S.A.F.E.

There’s an earful of information in this episode. Again, thanks to Derek LeBlanc from Kids S.A.F.E. Foundation for the use of his vehicle.

Favorite quotes:

“Put yourself in the customer’s shoes, and generally, you’ll make the right decisions.”

“Anytime there’s a disturbance in day to day, just normal life, it affects gun sales.”

“There’s a massive amount of new gun owners… understood why you might want to own a gun.”

“We’ve seen when legislation goes up and people just don’t know better, the way it’s written, can sway them to vote on something they have no idea what they’re voting on.”

“I’m a pretty casual shooter. I love introducing new people to shooting an AR for the first time.”

Visit Aero Precision Online and support this great brand.

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